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Up@SideBeSide is a unique, schools‐based Well-being service that offers consistent, comprehensive, high quality one-to-one and group support to children and young people, their parents/carers, and to school staff. We work alongside Senior Management, Inclusion, Welfare and Special Educational Needs staff. The programme becomes an integral part of the school culture as we invite participation from all students while offering targeted support to those who need it most.

Clients are aged between 3 and 11 years old. They can self-refer to our Team Managers or are referred to our service by their school or a parent/carer. As well as 1-1 therapy to support emotional issues, we offer Occupational and Speech and Language therapy to children struggling with practical tasks such as writing and communication skills. Where possible we place volunteers in school to run lunchtime clubs and other groups.

SideBeSide has been running at John Burns Primary since November 2015. We have a team of fourteen therapeutic workers and volunteers who are delivering supportive interventions to over sixty children. We have also been running art/singing/creative writing/friendship clubs and a Talk Time provision which is open to the whole school.

We encourage working closely with parents/carers to ensure that the right support is put in place for the child and to support the family as a whole where needed.


"Before SideBeSide came I was grumpy and overreacted to everything. I couldn't control my anger. SideBeSide have improved my life by helping me to calm myself down. I can walk away now, rather than exploding"  (Yr 6 child)

"There's lots of different people and activities in SideBeSide. It can change your life at school and at home. They are helping me and my family. Thank you'"  (Yr 5 girl)

"SideBeSide helps you to develop your friendships. If you’re lonely they can help you to make friends and to feel happier on the playground. I can share my feelings"  (Yr 3 child)

"SideBeSide have provided support for not only my daughter but also myself. They show great love and support and have helped me feel less lonely. My child’s behaviour has improved and so has our relationship. I’m so grateful for them being there"  (Yr 1 Parent)

Please see below a news update from SideBeSide issued in February 2017. To view, please click on the document.