Y5/Y6 Athletics

Our Athletics Trip written by Tyler and Lasharna

20 lucky children went to an athletics competition at the Latchmere Leisure Centre. There were 12 other schools including us and we all competed against each other. When we got there, we felt very nervous and we wanted to go back to school but we got some courage once we done our warm up. It was a lot of fun working our way through the obstacle course. Lasharna, Shamarni and Frances all won their races.

Lasharna: I was feeling very nervous when we started, but when i did my first race I actually came first! That made me feel very happy and it gave me the courage to carry on. I came first in all my races and in our team relay.

Abrianna: When i was on my first race I was very nervous but i tried my best and gave it my all anyway. I want to say thank you to all the teachers and to the other children that believed in me.

Samuel: My favourite event was the Javelin because I ended up throwing it the furthest out of all the schools. I felt this was a very good experience for me.

Qasim: I felt very excited and nervous at the same time. I really enjoyed the obstacle race when we were against everyone else.It was a really good trip.

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