• Fire fighters

Reception - Fire Station

We had a wonderful time when we visited Clapham Fire Station.  We met Firefighters Lewis, Paul, Simon and Gav and they were part of Green Watch.  We were able to sit in the fire engine and try on Firefighter Gav’s helmet.  We were then shown the different equipment that firefighters need to use when they are called to an emergency. Finally, we all had a turn at spraying water using a real hosepipe!  We had an amazing time.


Najmo: We sprayed water at the tower!

Kamila: We went to Clapham fire station.

Nevaeh-Lei: We had lots of fun at the fire station.

Tyler: We met Firefighter Simon, Firefighter Paul, Firefighter Lewis and Firefighter Gav.

Amar: We tired a Firefighters helmet on.

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