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WE Day

On 9th March 2016, 13 incredibly lucky children from Year 5 had the opportunity to attend WE Day at Wembley Arena. There they joined 12,000 other school children to celebrate a ‘Day of Change.’ WE Day is all about taking it from ‘ME to WE.’ We can all make a small change that will benefit all.

The children listened to several inspirational speakers including Spencer West, who at the age of 5 lost both of his legs. This did not stop him from achieving his goals and dreams of climbing Mount  Kilimanjaro. We also heard from Rita Ora, who moved to this country at the age of 1 from Kosovo, as a refugee. Several speakers spoke about their experiences with bullying and how they had overcome it with the help of others. Liam Hackett spoke about his project ‘Ditch the Label.’ This project encourages people to stop labelling differences and difficulties and just see people as people. He has worked tirelessly with young people that have suffered from bullying.

We also heard from Professor Brian Cox (OBE) who showed us some incredible images of space. He noted just how small our planet and we are, but what a great influence we can have when we all work together. Other speakers included the founding members of WE day, Craig and Marc Kielburger, Laura Whitmore, Sam and Holly Branson (children of Richard Branson) and Princess Beatrice York.

The children were also fortunate enough to be entertained live by some incredible personalities from the world of entertainment such as: Fleur East, Rita Ora, Labrinth, Clive Owen, Nico & Vinz, DNCE and Revelation Avenue.

It is now our turn to make a change – whether it be locally or globally. So..if you have any ideas let us know!

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