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Y6 Imperial War Museum

"Year 6 were fortunate enough to visit the Imperial War Museum because we were learning about World War 2. We were flabbergasted to see the great cannon that stood proudly in front of the building". Suhaila

"I learnt what it was like for people and how they lived during the war". Violet-May

"I enjoyed seeing all the lovely artifacts". Shianne

"I thoroughly enjoyed this phenominal trip and can categorically say I had fun!". Hiba

"We enjoyed learning what it was like to be in World War 2". Tyler

"When I was in the shelter, I felt what it was like for other people during the war". Lewis

"It was great learning about the spies spying in the german army". Zion



Y6 Imperial War Museum Trip

Y6 visited the Imperial War Museum, in which we learnt about WW1 and 2. This topic and trip was inspired by the book Billy the Kid, where a young boy went into war. We took the 344 bus and then set off beyond Vauxhall to see the museum. Y6 strolledaround the first floor where we met a tour guide who showed us around the tanks. We all learnt some interesting facts such as 5 people can fit into a tank, the log on the side of a tank is used for when the tank is stuck and so they lay the log across it. After a couple more minutes it was finally time for our workshop. In the workshop we were lucky enough to investigate objects from children who were in the war; it was if we were pulled back in time discovering items so peculiar like scraps of metal, (used to recycle into weapons) cards and board games, clothes (that were rarely worn nowadays) and much more.

After that Y6 gobbled up all their lunch and went outside to have a run around. Despite all that walking as soon as the doors were open, Y6 burst out like wild animal kept in a cage for too long! Next we left to visit the family at war section where we sat in an actual shelter and looked at rooms of houses in 1939. Then we walked to the “World War 1” section where we found a miniature tunnel and it showcased what it would be like to go through a tunnel during war. Following on, we walked to the secret spy section and I got to put on a uniform that they provided.

As a result I had a phenomenal time and would love to go again. I learnt a lot of new things and I can categorically say I had fun on this trip”. Hiba




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