Good Work Year 6


Welcome to Year 6

Our class teacher is Miss Shettle

Our teaching assistants are Matthew Williams and Janine D'Souza

PE day: Monday afternoons - your child may come to school in their school PE kit.

Up and coming events:

  • Y6 Gaveston Hall Residential Trip: Monday 5th to Friday 9th June 2017

Homework is given out on a Friday and must be returned by the following Wednesday in the Autumn Term. Homework is given out every other day in the Spring Term.

  • Reading: Please listen to your child read daily. The year 6 SATs reading paper is particularly high pitched and your child needs to ensure they are reading a range of texts in order for them to be able to access the challenging vocabulary. Encourage your child to read the sentences before and after to help them make sense of a new piece of vocabulary.
  • Comprehension homework is given out weekly.
  • Maths: In Year 6 we will be focusing on maths revision homework. The children will be asked to complete various sections in their CGP maths book based on the week’s lessons.
  • Spellings: The children will have a spelling booklet which they complete their spelling revision in. They are currently revising the year 3⁄4 spelling list. 

To view our good work, please click on the document to enlarge.


                                           Soumaya Y6 - Comic Strip


                                                Laila Y6 - Comic Strip


               Keeley Y6 - Suspense Writing


               Mnat Y6 - Suspense Writing

IMG_1222 (2)

            Julia - Art work inspired by reading "The Savage" by David Almond


         Jaydon - Art work inspired by reading "The Savage" by David Almond

IMG_1223 (1)

   Soumaya - Inspired by "The Savage"


                 David Y6 - Suspense Writing inspired by "The Savage" by David Almond


     Chelsea Y6 - Suspense Writing inspired by "The Savage"


                 George Y6 - Suspense Writing inspired by "The Savage"

Frances 6

                                  Frances Y6 - Battersea Power Station

Jeremy 6

                                     Jeremy Y6 - Battersea Power Station


                                                                Julia Y6 - World War II - Evacuation


                                                                  Maja Y6 - World War II - Evacuation


                                                                     Leo Y6 - Dear Diary - The Mayans


                                                                  Chelsea Y6 - The Mighty Mayans


                                                                       George Y6 - Dear Diary

chelsea image

                                                     Chelsea Y6 - Hydrologic Cycle