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Y5 visit Hampton Court Palace

On 17th May, as part of their Off with Her Head topic, Y5 went back to Tudor times to visit Hampton Court Palace, situated on the River Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

“We all thought that Hampton Court was really big for one person to live in. The gardens were so well kept and they even had an old chocolate factory. We learnt that King Henry VIII liked jousting and archery. He ate so much that’s why he became such a big man.” Stephen “We got to see the haunted hallway, the ghost is said to be one of King Henry VIII’s wives that he beheaded.” Abdusalam “We saw all the paintings of King Henry VIII’s family, he owned Hampton Court. The building was immense and the gardens were so big, especially the trees.” Mujtaba “We saw where King William III lived after Henry VIII had died and even got to see his old style wooden toilet.” Abdi


Unicef Day for Change

As part of our Rights Respecting Week, on 24th May we raised a fantastic £161.36 for Unicef UK’s Day for Change. Thank you to all the parents, carers and children for their kind monetary and fruit/vegetable donations which enabled the children to change their day and experience food tasting sessions. This encouraged the children to think about issues relating to nutrition and malnutrition helping them further understand the UN Convention Rights of the Child, Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health and also Article 6 – Every child has the right to life; through the variety of activities they completed during their Day for Change.

Unicef is the world’s leading organisation working for children and their rights. Every year Unicef UK’s Day for Change focuses on a different theme. This year Day for Change was all about helping malnourished children grow healthy and strong, ensuring that Unicef can be there to provide life-saving food and care for malnourished children in Liberia.

“I liked everything that I tasted except the avocado it was too squishy.” Talha REC “The Mangetout were nice and juicy, I really liked them. The black olives tasted disgusting.” Naima REC “I liked the mango, because my mum always buys them to eat at home. I didn’t like the pineapple it was too sweet.” Laylia REC “The grapes tasted yummy.” Kelvan REC

“We planned sport activities for Y3 to complete as we were the teachers. We had skipping, beanbag throwing and mega sports, which consisted of obstacle races, hockey, football and javelin.” Rylee Y4 “I was a teacher with Adrianna, Caydeigh and Nidal. We taught Y4 how to make slime by using PVA glue, water and shaving foam. It was my idea to do this activity, as I had previously made slime at a friend’s birthday party. It was fun being a teacher, I’d like to do it again.” Henry Y3

“We wrote about being President of the World for a day and what we would change. I would change world hunger and get more food and water to poor countries.” Charlotte Y5 “As President, I would make sure the poorer countries in the world get more medication, nurses and hospital care.” Holly Y5

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Y3 visit the Houses of Parliament

Y3 started the Summer Term with a tour of the Houses of Parliament on 20th April and also visited its Education Centre with Parliament-themed learning rooms. There was no debating it, after putting it to the vote they all agreed that everyone had a great time in the heart of Westminster!

“We took the 87 bus and walked to the Houses of Parliament. We had a class photograph taken outside, in front of a big statue. When we saw the building, it looked grand and very royal. Inside it has long purple curtains and stained glass windows. I learnt that Queen Elizabeth visits the Houses of Parliament once a year and that she goes to The Robing Room to put on her robe and crown.” Levi 

“In the Houses of Parliament the rooms have different colours. The furniture and carpets in the House of Commons are green, this is where the Members of Parliament give speeches, and they are the only people who can sit on the seats. Red is the colour for the House of Lords, as the seats and the robes that are worn are this colour. I liked learning about the different kings and queens, especially Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, King John and King Charles II.” Ella Y3 “I enjoyed learning about King John too. He wasn’t very good at war and lost lots of land. He was also greedy, because he took all the money from his people, so he wasn’t a nice person at all.” Leila Y3


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Y1 visit Kew Gardens

Y1 didn’t want to “leaf” Kew Gardens at they had such a “plantastic” time exploring its botanical gardens on 26th April for their new summer term topic; Rio de Vida.

“We took the G1 bus to Clapham Junction, then we got the train and tube it didn’t take very long.” Tayden “There was a very big glass house with lots of plants inside, it was very hot, so we took our coats off. I learnt that lilies can be orange and white.” Harlee “It was really hot and yucky in the glass house, it smelt like elephants. I learnt that roses can be pink, red and yellow.” Amber “The banana tree was my favourite, I saw a banana fall from it and I asked one of the staff if I could taste it!” Mia “I liked the Papaya tree, it was so big and the poppies which were outside in the garden.” Lina “It was like a real rainforest, it made me feel sweaty. I learnt that leaves have veins on them.” Amar

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Our Reception Commuters

Reception Class took to public transport on 21st April on their trip across London using the Bus Service, the Overground, the Thames Clipper River Bus and the Underground. Along the way, there was time to enjoy the pleasant surroundings of Victoria Embankment Gardens.

“We left school and went on the G1 bus to Clapham Junction, it was hot. Next we went on the train, it was very busy because all the Mummy’s and Daddy’s were going to work. When we went on the tube it was so fast and windy.” Freya “The boat was really wiggly, it went up and down on the waves of the River Thames.” Sydney “I liked going on the boat, we saw lots of things out of the window, I saw Big Ben.” Seraphina “We had to run fast to get the train, it went without us. On the underground it was dark and fast.” Declan “We had to do a lot of walking. I liked going on the boat, it was bumpy.” Bobby

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Investigating Forces with Y5

As part of their Spring Term topic “Off With Her Head!” Our Y5 scientists have been getting to grips with different types of forces. Whilst looking at air resistance and gravity they have all discovered their minds are like parachutes… they work best when open!

“Air resistance is the force of air pushing on an object. Our team designed then tested four different size parachutes which we had made together with black bin bags, string and pencils.The largest parachute we made was 90cm in length and 71cm in width. In the presence of an adult, Chloe climbed onto the gym equipment and dropped our parachute to the floor. It took 2.73 seconds to fall. It was slower than our others to hit the floor.” Archie

“From the tests, we analysed our results and found that you could make the objects fall slower by designing the parachutes bigger and wider, because there was more air resistance than gravity. The parachute was being pushed down by the force of gravity and the air resistance was pushing it back up.” Paris


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Y2 Visit Battersea Power Station Development

As part of their Spring Term Street Detectives topic, Y2 took a bus journey in the glorious sunshine on 15th March to visit the Battersea Power Station Development in Nine Elms.

When we arrived I was amazed to see how big the building was. I thought there would be lots of windows, but there wasn’t as many as I expected. I learnt that they are going to have a lift in one of the chimneys which goes all the way to the top and people from Apple will work in the building when it’s finished.” Eden “We all joined hands to find out how wide the chimneys were, they measured 8 metres!” Mannick “It was fun to see the whole of the building site when we got to go on the bridge, it looked so big.” Nyala “I really enjoyed being able to sketch the buildings when we looked around the models of the site.” Sophie

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World Book Day

Thank you to all our parents and carers who made such an effort to ensure the children looked fabulous on Thursday 2nd March, as we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. World Book Day is a huge celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading in schools. It’s the world’s biggest annual celebration of reading and 2017 marks World Book Day’s 20th anniversary! The children and members of staff got to strut their stuff on the character catwalk, so that they could show off their costumes to the school and special book prizes were awarded!  Don’t forget to use your World Book Day £1 tokens over the coming weeks.

I dressed as Hetty Feather, I liked reading The Butterfly Club, as it’s very interesting reading about someone else’s life.” Brooke Y3 “Do you know the Wombles? they keep Wimbledon Common tidy. I was Bungo, He’s my favourite and I like reading “Bungo and the Concrete Mixer”.” William Y1 “My favourite book is Keith the Charismatic Cat, so I dressed as him, he does magic, but it’s not really magic.” Israel Y1 “Did you like my outfit? I was Klaus Baudelaire from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. He appears in all the books.” Nathaniel Y4 “My favourite book is The Twits by Roald Dahl, I was Mrs Twit. I like the nasty things that they do to each other, it’s so funny!” Charlotte Y3 “Have you read Fantastic Mr Fox? I was him with my bag of chickens.” Cameron Y2 “I was Mary Poppins, I really like the part in the story when she has the umbrella and flies in the air.” Mia Y1 “I was the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.” Najmo Y1

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Science Week

On the 6th March, we celebrated British Science Week with a visit from Mad Science who provided the children with fun, interactive and educational science activities. Whilst the PTA held their third annual Science Fair on 11th March, which attracted 500 people (compared to 320 last year) from 30 schools across the London boroughs.

Many thanks for the efforts of the PTA, along with all the parents, carers, staff, governors and ex-pupils who volunteered their time to help with the Science Fair. A special mention is deserved to the Science Fair creator and fundraiser; Anna Woolston. With assistance of British Science Week and Sphere Science Ltd, Anna helped people from all across London explore science together, helping raise the profile of STEM subjects.

Led by our parents and carers who were trained for the event, visitors could make science crafts to take away, experience the Astronaut Trail, make Stomp Rockets and attend Weather Workshops. In the glorious Spring sunshine, visitors could also try to beat the clock and top the leader board in the Family Engineering Challenge. The main attraction of the afternoon, was a huge Science Dome - a portable digital planetarium inflated in the school hall, which took everyone on an amazing interactive tour of the moon and stars.

“I loved the part where we made Stomp Rockets as my mum was in charge of the class. My rocket went really high!” Amaha Y3 “I liked making the things that fly, I made a paper aeroplane.” Calila Y1 “Making the moon gazer and cloud gazer in Y2 was fun.” Liyah Y4 “The Space Dome was the best as I liked the videos. I learnt that there is extreme heat and extreme cold in space.” Noah Y5 “I enjoyed the Science Dome as we got to see what space looks like and how they eat. We did the Family Challenge and our tower reached 1.75m tall.” Joe Y5 “I really liked the Weather Workshop as we got to make a tornado in a bottle. The big tent (Science Dome) was the best.” Jood Y4

“A huge thank you to all of you who helped at the Science Day and all those who came as visitors. It was a great success and I’ve heard lots of lovely comments about the school, the PTA and the welcome people received.” Anna


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Y1 Zoom to the Moon

Thank you to all the Year 1 parents who found “space” in the classroom to “stay and play” and join the children on their new mission (topic) “Zoom to the Moon”. “Building Lego spaceships and astronauts was so much fun, we all got to paint the big rocket outside too. I learnt about the Venus and that we all live on Earth.” Israel “We made papier mache from old newspapers and stuck it to balloons to make planets.” Calila “We did some “junk modelling” and I made an alien house.” Aimlee “I discovered that Saturn has a big circle around it.” Tyler


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Y3 at The British Museum (Spring Term 2017)

On 3rd February, Y3 discovered many historical artefacts when they visited the British Museum for their “Gods and Mortals” topic.

“To get to the Museum, we all took the bus to Waterloo and then we got on the tube train to Tottenham Court Road. I liked the tube train, because it was fast and it was also empty, so we could sit down. I enjoyed learning about the Greek legends, we had questions on our boards that Miss Tickler had given us, so we had to try and find the answers in the Museum.” Elijah “We split into small groups and looked all around the different rooms of the Museum. I enjoyed Ancient Greece when we were learning about “Apollo” and all the other gods.” Brooke “The snakes in “room 69”, from the Greeks and Romans section were interesting and “room 14” with the Greek pots and vases.” Jake “I liked learning about the Egyptian sculptures, as the lions had kings faces.” Caysha


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“I spy” Y1 on the London Eye (Spring Term 2017)

On 27th January, Y1 travelled to the South Bank of the River Thames to board their “flight” on the London Eye for their “Bright Lights Big City” topic. “We went on the number 77 bus, there was a very long queue, we got on the “pod” and it started to go very slowly, when we looked down we used the iPads to read about the sites we saw.” Mia “We went in two pods, I thought it would be scary when we got to the top but it wasn’t, I saw Buckingham Palace!” Andrew “I could see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the whole of London it was amazing!” Nevaeh-Lei “I saw speedboats.” Louie


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Back to My Roots Week (Spring Term 2017)

On 26th January it was “Round the world day” where the children visited each class to learn about the countries being covered during the week and to share knowledge of their own cultures and backgrounds with everyone else in school.

“My family are from Eritrea which is next to Ethiopia where Stephen Y5 is from. Eritrea and Ethiopia were at war some years ago, but now the countries are friends again. I enjoyed learning about Poland, the flag is red and white which represents a white bird over red blood and I learnt that South Africa has another country in its own country!” Robel Y5

“Most people in Poland are Christians and the capital city is Warsaw. Do you know Warsaw got its name from a mermaid that protected the city and a man that once saved her, so there names split in half spell Warsaw. My favourite Polish food is Rosol (Ros-soo). During the week, I learnt that Muslims pray five times a day.” Charlotte Y3

“We made a Germany flag; it is black, yellow and red – “schwarz, gelb und rot”. When mummy came she read to the class in German and we ate some german bread. I told assembly that bread is called “brot.” Freya – Reception

“My family is from Ecuador and my mummy has taken me there to visit. She came into school to read a story to the class. Do you know in Ecuador there are lots of mountains and volcanoes and we speak Spanish? I liked it went we went to Y6 and made good luck hands from Morocco, then wore them as jewellery.” Guillermo Y1

“I can speak Mandarin as my dad is from China and my mum is originally from Vietnam but speaks Chinese too. We have recently celebrated Chinese New Year, so we receive a red pouch as a gift which contains money. Red is the symbol for good luck and the pouches are given by married people to those who are single -  mostly children. I really enjoyed visiting Y2 and learning about the tribal dancing in Angola, it was really interesting and fun to do.” Chloe Y5

“I  did the “gumboot” dance with Caydeigh and Levi which is from South Africa – the Rainbow Nation.” Caysha Y3

“I learnt that South Africa has 3 capital cities and only 38% of adults in Ethiopia can read.” Lucy Y4

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Y4 Science Museum Visit - Wacky Professor Topic (Spring Term 2017)

On 17th January 2017, Year 4 experienced the Science Museum. 

“I liked the space area, they had a real rocket over-head. I learnt that negative electrons won’t always go to the positive and if you use a battery for too long it will heat up.” Sumaya “It was interesting to see what happens when people flush the toilet. I liked the “Who am I” part best.” Jood “When you put your hand on the electric pole, you got an electric shock.” Alicia “I liked that bit too.” Heryacos “Going in the fake house and setting the burglar alarm off was fun. I learnt that people would put things of value into a can to fool burglars.” Valentina “I liked the 19th century pong game, because of how I got to control it.” Nathaniel “I really enjoyed playing all the games and when a man called Michael, who was a good entertainer, taught us about electricity, it was really fun!” Owen “The positive charge will not connect to another  positive charge and the same with negative.” Lucy “I enjoyed going to the top floor of the museum and seeing all the electrical things.” Hakima

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Reception visit Clapham Common Fire Brigade (Spring Term 2017)

Our Reception class joined “Blue Watch” on 5th January to train as part of their Brigade. “I liked spraying the hose, it went all the way to the moon!” Zaid “I went in the fire engine, I liked sitting in it.” Ruby C