Y4 Science Museum 2017


Y4 Science Museum Visit - Wacky Professor Topic (Spring Term 2017)

On 17th January 2017, Year 4 experienced the Science Museum. 

“I liked the space area, they had a real rocket over-head. I learnt that negative electrons won’t always go to the positive and if you use a battery for too long it will heat up.” Sumaya “It was interesting to see what happens when people flush the toilet. I liked the “Who am I” part best.” Jood “When you put your hand on the electric pole, you got an electric shock.” Alicia “I liked that bit too.” Heryacos “Going in the fake house and setting the burglar alarm off was fun. I learnt that people would put things of value into a can to fool burglars.” Valentina “I liked the 19th century pong game, because of how I got to control it.” Nathaniel “I really enjoyed playing all the games and when a man called Michael, who was a good entertainer, taught us about electricity, it was really fun!” Owen “The positive charge will not connect to another  positive charge and the same with negative.” Lucy “I enjoyed going to the top floor of the museum and seeing all the electrical things.” Hakima

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