Science Fair - March 2017

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Science Week

On the 6th March 2017, we celebrated British Science Week with a visit from Mad Science who provided the children with fun, interactive and educational science activities. Whilst the PTA held their third annual Science Fair on 11th March, which attracted 500 people (compared to 320 last year) from 30 schools across the London boroughs.

Many thanks for the efforts of the PTA, along with all the parents, carers, staff, governors and ex-pupils who volunteered their time to help with the Science Fair. A special mention is deserved to the Science Fair creator and fundraiser; Anna Woolston. With assistance of British Science Week and Sphere Science Ltd, Anna helped people from all across London explore science together, helping raise the profile of STEM subjects.

Led by our parents and carers who were trained for the event, visitors could make science crafts to take away, experience the Astronaut Trail, make Stomp Rockets and attend Weather Workshops. In the glorious Spring sunshine, visitors could also try to beat the clock and top the leader board in the Family Engineering Challenge. The main attraction of the afternoon, was a huge Science Dome - a portable digital planetarium inflated in the school hall, which took everyone on an amazing interactive tour of the moon and stars.

“I loved the part where we made Stomp Rockets as my mum was in charge of the class. My rocket went really high!” Amaha Y3 “I liked making the things that fly, I made a paper aeroplane.” Calila Y1 “Making the moon gazer and cloud gazer in Y2 was fun.” Liyah Y4 “The Space Dome was the best as I liked the videos. I learnt that there is extreme heat and extreme cold in space.” Noah Y5 “I enjoyed the Science Dome as we got to see what space looks like and how they eat. We did the Family Challenge and our tower reached 1.75m tall.” Joe Y5 “I really liked the Weather Workshop as we got to make a tornado in a bottle. The big tent (Science Dome) was the best.” Jood Y4

“A huge thank you to all of you who helped at the Science Day and all those who came as visitors. It was a great success and I’ve heard lots of lovely comments about the school, the PTA and the welcome people received.” Anna