Y6 Gaveston Hall 2017

On 5th June, a group of our Y6 pupils travelled to the heart of the Sussex countryside for a week long residential trip to Gaveston Hall. With its 100 acres of private woodlands, meadows, lakes and streams, situated in the picturesque village of Nuthurst, Gaveston Hall offers a wide range of team building and adventure activities. 

During their stay, Y6 had tremendous fun in the great outdoors where they explored adventure trails, investigated aquatic habitats by pond dipping, built shelters in the woodland and participated in plenty of sporting activities.

Laila Jodie Nathan   Tyler 2

JodieTyre   Sonny 2

Frances 2   George Stream

LeoBirdsofPrey    Harlem 2

Daniella Football    David Leo Julia

“I liked playing rounders for the first time and swimming. We were all playing together and if someone didn’t know how to swim no one laughed, everybody was supportive.” Harlem     

“At the start of the bird show I was petrified and didn’t want to join in, but I faced my fears and stroked a bird.” Frances

“I enjoyed playing football, the falcon flying and getting to meet new friends.” Leo

“The stream walk was so much fun, wet feet, wet legs and wet bottoms for some! David was the gentleman of the day, hand at the ready to rescue wailing classmates thigh deep in suspiciously chocolate coloured icy water.” Miss Tickler

“I really enjoyed the stream walking it was fun and scary at times. Some of the group even fell in the water. Most of us wore wellies as we followed Ms Rutherford through the stream. I also liked the birds of prey, especially the snowy owl.” Maja

“I enjoyed the swimming and sharing a dorm with all the girls.  We would usually go to bed at 9.30pm, though we would all stay up talking for quite a while. Kear-Rose was normally the first person up, though we were all usually awake by 7.30am.” Keeley

I liked the pond dipping, I caught 11 tadpoles and a frog. I also liked the swimming and the birds of prey, especially the baby falcon that came up to my shoe and started biting it.” Sonny

“The night walk was scary it was so dark. The teachers really tried to scare us all. The stream walking was the most fun of all, I think we all enjoyed that activity.” Daniella