As part of the PSHE curriculum, the children will be taught The Living and Growing scheme of work. This programme of study is recommended by the National Curriculum and the Local Authority.

As a school, we feel that these lessons are imperative for all children. The key findings from Ofsted (2012) have found that children that do not engage in such lessons are “ill prepared for the physical and emotional changes during puberty.” Furthermore, the Ofsted findings highlighted that without proper, safe relationship education, children lacked the understanding of what a healthy relationship was, did not have an understanding of appropriate language and had not developed the confidence to describe unwanted behaviours or know where to go for help. 

All of the lessons will be delivered in a sensitive fashion by the teachers and are fully differentiated appropriately for the age group. The sessions will involve age appropriate worksheets and video clips.  This scheme of work intends to teach the children about how their bodies and emotions change as they get older as well as discussing issues such has how to deal with touch that they do not feel comfortable with. It is only Year 6 that learn about reproduction.

In these lessons we will educate the children with the correct, age appropriate, information, in a safe environment with an appropriate adult teaching them. It cannot be denied that children will otherwise find such information out from friends or the internet – something that is incredibly unsafe.

Please click on the presentation below to learn more about The Living and Growing scheme of work.