Pirate Summer Fair 2017

Shiver me timbers shipmates! Pirates had come ashore in search for the booty of John Burns on 7th July, for the PTA Summer Fair. What a swashbuckling adventure they encountered on their treasure hunt, as they discovered an inflatable assault course, captain’s log (toilet roll toss), canon ball crash (tin can alley), hook-a-wreck and the wet and wonderful splash zone! 

Many thanks for the efforts of arrrgh PTA matey’s, along with all the parents and carers who volunteered their time to help with this wonderful event. A special mention to Loft Solutions, who generously sponsored the inflatable assault course and refreshments. Thanks  to your generosity and kind donations, the PTA have now met their monetary target, so that monkey bars can be installed in the Key Stage 1 playground during the 2017/2018 academic year.

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“I won lots of tokens on the tin can alley. If you saved enough of them, you could get some really good prizes, like a wooden cricket set and a shark toss game that were 10 tokens each.” Liyah Y4 “I enjoyed getting my face-painted by Ms Skeggs, I chose to have a sea horse.” Esther Y2 “I got really wet in the splash zone, it was nice and refreshing in the sun.” Ava-Lee Y1 “The Barbecue and drinks were my favourite.” Levi Y3 “The bouncy castle was so much fun. I went on it with Daniella and Frances and we were bouncing everywhere and fell on top of each other.” Alayna Y5

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