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Year 6 visit Lavender Hill Magistrates Court Rooms

On Wednesday 18th June 2014 Year 6 met Miss Thompson at the Lavender Hill Magistrates Court.  The children immediately were welcomed by security guards who checked their bags and they walked through a metal detector, a scary experience!

The children were welcomed by the magistrates who work at the court and hear many cases.  They showed the children around the cells where suspected criminals are held prior to their hearing in the court rooms.  The children were shocked at how small the cells were and how much graffiti was covering the walls of the cells. 

The children were given certain roles while they were in the court room to rein act the case they had read at school.  The children were asked to sit in certain places in the courtroom depending on what role they were acting out. 

"In the courtroom it all felt very real and official!" Amira Year 6.

The magistrates asked the children to say their lines whether they were on the defence or prosecutor team.  The three magistrates listened and were dismissed to make their decision about the fine and whether the defendant should do some community service.

It was incredibly interesting for the children to learn about the law and how it would feel if they were ever asked to attend court.

Year 6, let your experience of the cells and courtroom, encourage you to make the right choices as you leave Primary School and enter into the world of Secondary School!


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