• JohnBurns0165

Pyjama Fund Raiser

Roisin in Y6 sent a message out to all our children via the newsletter. She asked if all the children and staff would come to school in their pyjamas, and everyone must bring in at least £1 to do so.  Every £1 we received would go towards helping refugees and their families.

She wrote "I am sure many parents have seen the terrible news about the refugees in Syria, and how they have to leave their houses and don’t have anything but the clothes they are wearing.  These people were just like you and me, they had homes, jobs, friends and their children went to school. All this has suddenly been taken away from them- imagine how you would feel.  Imagine if you woke up and had no home, no friends, no job and no school.  So please, all we are asking is for you to let your child come to school in their pyjamas, and bring in £1. Thank you for your help."

Thank you to everyone who took part coming to school in their pyjamas whilst raising money for a worthy cause. We are happy to tell you that we raised £194. This will go towards the refugees and help UNICEF to let children enjoy their Rights to be safe, to have an education and to have clean water and healthy food.”  Roisin Y6

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