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Y6 Battersea Readers Cup

Congratulations and well done to Mathilda, Micah, Zion, Roisin, Tyler, Sunny, Violet-May, Nura and Hiba who represented John Burns in the Battersea Readers Cup. we are very proud of you all. The children had to read a variety of books and answer quick fire questions in a 'University Challenge' style quiz. Everyone worked so hard and encouraged each other all through the evening. We came 2nd and missed out on a winning place by 1 point.

Roisin: I enjoyed watching and supporting other team mates answer questions.

Zion: It was a thrilling experience participating in the Thomas’ School Foundation Battersea Readers Cup. It was a brilliant way to test our knowledge and the ability to answer questions.

Hiba: I think the competition was an amazing opportunity to showcase our skills in reading.

Sunflower: I enjoyed the whole experience especially supporting my school and team. I wish I could do it all again.

Micah: It was a thrilling experience; also it was fun pressing the buzzer.

Nura: I enjoyed representing JB and the team and hitting the buzzer.

Mathilda: It was an experience I will never forget!

Violet-may: I enjoyed the experience of taking part in the readers cup and my favourite book to read was 'Boy in the Tower'.

Tyler: It was fun taking part and I loved pressing the buzzer. We never ever gave up, even when we had no points.

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