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Science Day at JB

JBS was buzzing on Saturday for the second annual Science Fair organised by the PTA. Over 300 people from 27 schools attended from across London. It was standing room only in the upstairs hall for the science shows, and the ground
floor was packed with different hands-on activities, including candle making, balloon-powered cars and a family engineering challenge. Children and adults got excited about science together through a range of hands on activities.

Amongst the many experiments, budding chemists had the chance to test their skills in the Colour Magic trail where they dipped candles, separated  inks, marbled paper and prepared a chemical indicator. The challenge was to make a ‘marble run’ out of card and Sellotape in only twenty minutes. The winner was the track that took the longest time for the marble to reach the bottom.  Mathilda and I had a go but the marble kept getting stuck on bits of tape on the way down (which wasn’t allowed unfortunately).The winning run took an epic seventeen seconds!

The day was a massive success thanks to the efforts of all the parents, staff and governors that volunteered their time. Anna of course deserves special mention as the Science Fair Creator, fundraiser and organiser but there were plenty of others worthy of mention that made the day run brilliantly. Hopefully they enjoyed volunteering as much as I did, as I like nothing better than having my hands deep in cornflour slime and shooting kids in the face with a toroid air cannon. The visitor feedback forms  couldn’t be more positive!

Science Made Simple’s Leanne Gunn entertained packed audiences with bubbles,balloons and the science of water – most managed to stay dry! Anna wowed people outside with a variety of science based tricks including gravity-defying water and optical illusions to make your head spin.

Led by parents from the school, who were especially trained for the event, visitors could make science crafts to take away and experiment with at home, try to beat the clock and top the leader board in the Family Engineering Challenge and, helped by John Burns Year 6 pupils, try a selection of hands-on experiments.

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PTA Chair Anna Woolston said “We were delighted to welcome so many families to John Burns and to see them getting involved in exploring science together. We have an increasing shortage of science specialists in the UK and we’d love to think our Science Day will, in a small way, help boost the number of young people pursuing an interest in STEM subjects.”