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Living eggs in Reception

In  Reception we had chicks and it was very eggciting! We had 10 eggs and we watched them in the incubator wondering which egg would hatch first! After a few days egg number 5 decided to hatch first followed by eggs number 4,6,8,3,7,1,2 and 10, but number 9 didn't hatch... or so we thought! Early Friday morning egg number 9 decided to hatch we were very excited as all of the eggs came and we had 6 boy chicks and 4 girl chicks.   We put them into the brooder for a few days so they could get used to being out of their egg and then after the weekend we were able to hold them!

Aliyah: "The girl chicks are the brown ones and the yellow chicks are the boys"
Lilly: "They are so cute!"
Amar: "They are really fluffy"
Tayden: "Chicks have pink legs"

We made a book to let everybody know eggciting information about what we had learnt!

We loved having them in our class.

Please look at the slideshow to read what we wrote about the chicks.

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