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Breakfast & After School Care


Breakfast School Care is available from 7:30am to 8:45am. After School Care is available from 15:15pm to 17.45pm.

For breakfast the children are able to eat toast and cereal and a hot snack is available in After School Care.

All payments must be made in advance via bank transfer to the school bank account.

All children will enjoy a healthy breakfast. Children will participate in a wide range of fun and creative activities that will build social skills and confidence. Children will be escorted to their class ready for the start of the school day at 8:50am. 

Price list for Breakfast Club with effect from September 2018

1 Day per week £7.00
2 Days per week £12.00
3 Days per week £18.00
4 Days per week £24.00
5 Days per week £29.00

Our aim for After School Care is to create a family experience at the end of the school day. Activities are very much up to the children and they can choose from a range of experiences. Some, especially the older children, will do their homework; others will play games, for example chess or jenga. Others will draw or follow a creative activity.

The children lead busy lives and when the school day ends it is important that they can relax a little. After School Care provides a ‘home at school’ experience which is much enjoyed by those who attend.

Price list for After School Care with effect from September 2018

1 Day per week £11.00
2 Days per week £21.00
3 Days per week £26.00
4 Days per week £35.00
5 Days per week £46.00

Please note for pupils requiring a place on an ad-hoc basis, parents will have to check availability with the School Office and may only be offered in exceptional circumstances due to an emergency. You will need to contact the office first and then make a payment by direct bank transfer to the school bank account and then confirm the place with the school.


For parents who are already  in receipt of Child Care Vouchers we can accept this payment method for the Breakfast Club and After School Care. However the Child Care Voucher scheme was replaced with Tax-Free Childcare on 4th October 2018. To check eligibility please visit:https://www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator


Pupils who are not collected at 3:15pm will be looked after in after school care. For any pupil who has still not been collected by 3:30pm, parents/carers will be charged the current rate for one evening of attendance at after school care per pupil. Payment should be made at the time of collection. Parents who do not pay on collection will receive an invoice. Parents will be given the opportunity to spread payment over an agreed period if necessary. 


Upon collection, parents/carers should wait at the double-doors of the After School Care area, whilst the children collect their belongings. We would politely request that parents/carers do not enter any other areas of the school, other than the After School Care area at this time for safeguarding purposes, as the safety of our children is paramount.


After School Care closes at 5:45pm. If you have not collected your child by 5:45pm you will be charged £20 for the first 15 minutes you are late collecting your child, and increments of £20 for every 15 minutes or part 15 minutes thereafter.