Admissions / FAQs

New Reception Intake Questions Answered

Q. Is it a staggered start?

A. We do stagger start dates for Reception, but all children will be in school by the end of the second week of term.

Q. What time does school start and finish?

A. School starts at 9:00 am, but the school gate is opened at 8:50am to allow them to play and socialize before the school day starts. Reception children can be collected from reception playground at 3:30 pm.

Q. Does my child need to wear a uniform for school?

A. Yes, please refer to school uniform policy below:



  • Red or white polo shirt, red sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Plain dark grey or black skirt/trousers
  • Plain grey/red/black/white tights or white socks
  • In summer girls may wear red checked summer dresses
  • Red or black Hijab


  • Red or white polo shirt, red sweatshirt
  • Plain dark grey/red/black conventional trousers
  • In summer boys may wear shorts of a similar colour to the trousers





  • Black conventional shoes without tags. No trainers or shoes with flashing heels. Boots of any description are not appropriate for school. They can be worn to school in poor weather and then children can change into their shoes

ALL uniform must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Q. Does my child need to wear shoes to school or can they wear sandals when the weather is hot?

A. Children must wear black shoes to school (see school uniform policy). For health and safety reasons open‐toed shoes must not be worn.

Q. Does my child need trainers for PE?

A. Children in Reception need a plain white T‐shirt, plain black shorts and black plimsolls for PE.

ALL PE kit must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Q. Can my child wear jewellery to school?

A. For health and safety reasons jewellery can’t be worn to school, however, children may wear a small stud to protect a pierced ear.

Q. How many children are in each class?

A. There is a maximum of 30 children in the class.

Q. Do we get an opportunity to talk to staff?

A. There are Parents’ Evenings once a term to allow you to discuss your child’s progress with their class teacher. In addition to this a member of staff is available to talk to on the Reception gate each morning and staff are on the playground after school when the children are dismissed. If you have any concerns you can always arrange a mutually convenient time to speak to the class teacher outside of school hours.

Q. How are the children assessed?

A. The children are assessed by ongoing observations and tracking of their achievement against the Foundation Stage Profile throughout the year. There are also formal Read Write Inc. and Numeracy assessments each half term.

Q. Do the children get help at lunch time?

A. All children are encouraged to be as independent as possible but will be given support with carrying their tray, cutting their food or accessing their packed lunch when needed.

Q. Do they get homework, and will we be given guidance on how to help them and how much to support them?

A. Children will be set homework once a week. In the Autumn term there will be Parents’ Evenings on how to support your child with Phonics and Numeracy. When homework is set you may be asked to indicate if your child has completed the task independently or whether you supported them in any way.

Q. Do they do music as part of creative work?

A. The children attend a singing assembly once a week where they learn songs with our music co‐ordinator. In addition to this there are opportunities for music within our topic time and percussion instruments are used for some of our creative activities. Opportunities for more formal music tuition are available as children progress through the school.

Q. What sort of after school clubs are available?

A. The variety of clubs on offer to reception children is limited as they are still very young and often find the school day tiring. They can, however, participate in a club during the summer term.

Q. Can my child bring a favourite toy to school?

A. No, we ask that children do not bring toys to school as it causes distress when toys get lost or broken.

Q. Can my child leave their scooter at school?

A. Reception children can leave their scooter on the rack in the school playground. Scooters must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and are left at your own risk. Please be aware that spaces are limited and if lots of children choose to leave scooters we will have to operate a rota system.