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Art & Design Portfolio 

Every child is an artist - Pablo Picasso

Year 5/Year 6 Community Arts Project - Spring 2022

Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a community-wide arts project – A Place to Call Home.  The project was created by Wandsworth Council’s Arts Service and local artist Alexander Mourant with the purpose of fostering links between independent and state schools in the borough.  Year 5 and Year 6 were provided with four panels which were hung on an architectural installation at Southside in Wandsworth in March 2022.

Year 5 Community Arts Project - Spring 2023

Year 5 took part in a community-wide arts project - Single-Use Plastic.  Artist Blake C. Joshua worked in partnership with Creative Wandsworth and delivered workshops in schools around the theme of Single-Use Plastic.  The class designed and created jellyfish sculptures that were installed in an art exhibition at Southside Shopping Centre in May 2023.      

Whole School Arts Week - Queen's Platinum Jubilee - June 2022

Landscape Drawing - Royal Palaces

Portrait Drawing - Queen Elizabeth II 

Left and Centre: Daria

Whole School Arts Week - King Charles III Coronation - May 2023

EYFS - Collaborative Collage Portrait of King Charles III | KS1 - Oil Pastel Portrait of King Charles III

Left: EYFS | Centre: Amaya F (Y1) | Right: Layan (Y2)

Lower KS2 - Traditional Portrait of King Charles III

Left: Vhali (Y3) | Centre: Mia (Y4) | Right: Maisy (Y4)

Upper KS2 - Pop Art Portrait of King Charles III 

Left: Adele (Y6) | Centre: Fernando (Y6) | Right: Caitlin (Y6)

Corridor Art Displays 

Nursery Samples of Work - October 2022

 Printing - handprints and animal footprints

Nursery Samples of Work - November 2022

Printing - Fireworks - Battersea Park fireworks 

Printing and flicking paint with a cotton bud

  Left: Nagaad | Right: Asriel

Reception Samples of Work - September 2022

Printing - using a sponge/roller/shape

Printing and Drawing - Tree

Printing with manmade objects and drawing tree outline (trunk and branches)

Left: Arham | Right: Liana 

Reception Samples of Work - January 2023

Mary Anning Portraits - Colouring pencil

Artist Study: Benjamin Donne  

Left to Right: Nemiah | Samantha | Momin

Sculpture - Clay Dinosaur Eyes

Reception has used clay and glass eyes to make a realistic dinosaur eye. The techniques include cross-hatching, pinching and pulling to manipulate the clay into the perfect shape.  

Year 1 Samples of Work - October 2022

Landscape Collage - Variegated Colour Wash - Oil Pastel

Left: Afaf | Centre: Daniel | Right: Amaya Y

Year 1 - Educational Visit to Kew Gardens - March 2023

Year 1 visited the Marianne North Gallery and took part in a Colour and Seasons art workshop at Kew Gardens.  

Year 1 - Samples of Work - March 2023

Drawing Flowers 

Artist Study: Marianne North 

Left: Isabel | Centre: Daniel | Right: Henry

Botanical Drawings: Dry Pastel and Oil Pastel 

Left: Joshua | Centre: Nika | Right: Henry

Left: Buddy | Centre: Ashley | Right: Sean

Left: Max | Centre: Clio | Right: Nikka 

Year 2 - Samples of Work - February 2023

Drawing Patterns - Lines, Shapes and Colours - Watercolour, pencil and oil pastels

Left to Right: Renad | Renad | Yahya | Layan

Henry VIII Portraits - Watercolour, pencil, dry pastel and oil pastel 

Artist Study: Hans Holbein the Younger 

Left: Selma | Right: Renad

Left: Milo | Right: Layan

Year 3 - Samples of Work - November 2022

Sculpture - Clay

Year 3 used clay to recreate a model of Stonehenge. They rolled the clay into logs and joined them together to form the outer circle of 30 standing stones (sarsens).  

Year 3 - Samples of Work - February 2023

Still Life Drawing

Left: Tamara | Centre: Arabella | Right: Vahli

Year 4 - Samples of Work - February 2023

Gyotaku - Japanese fish printing 

Artist Study: Naoki Nayashi

Gyotaku - Japanese fish printing on rice paper

Gyotaku - Self Evaluation 

Left: Mia | Right: Hugo

Still Life Drawing - Sprats

Top: Sebastian | Middle: Rayan | Bottom: Harry

Relief Print Block


Year 5 - Samples of Work - May 2023

Sculpture - Clay 

 Above: Asma Above: Skylar

Year 5 learnt about Ancient Greek pottery (shape, decoration, purpose).  They have produced 2D sketches to show the visual elements (e.g. shape, pattern, form) and composition of their Greek pot design.  

Year 6 - Illustrated Arts Workshop 29/06/23