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IN-YEAR Transfers

How to apply for an in-year transfer to another school

If your child already has a place at the school but you want him/her to transfer to a different school in Wandsworth, you should discuss this with Mr Grogan before making an application.

If a change of school is necessary, you should find out if there are places available at other local schools by contacting the Pupil Services team. You will then need to complete an ‘in-year’ transfer application form.   

To download an In-Year Transfer Application Form click here.

This form has a section which must be completed by the school. 

In-year transfer application forms must be returned to the local authority 

The completed form must be returned to:    

Postal Address:        Pupil Services

                                 Children’s Services Department

                                       Wandsworth Council

                                 Town Hall Extension

                                 Wandsworth High Street

                                 SW18 2PU

Email Address: 

Telephone:               020 8871 7316