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In-Year Admissions

How to apply for a school place during the school year

If you have moved into the area or require a place after the school year has begun, you will need to complete the relevant application form for ‘in-year’ admission.  

To download an In-Year Admission Application Form click here.

In-year admission application forms must be returned to the local authority 

The completed form must be returned to:    

Postal Address:          Pupil Services

                                   Children’s Services Department

                                   Wandsworth Council

                                   Town Hall Extension

                                   Wandsworth High Street

                                   SW18 2PU

Email Address:  

Telephone:                  020 8871 7316

The local authority will then process your application and send you a notification of whether or not a place can be offered.  

For further information and to apply for a place or to be added onto a waiting list, please contact the London Borough of Wandsworth’s Pupil Services Department on 020 8871 7316 or email