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School Prefects

At John Burns we believe that prefects have a very important role to play in the day to day organisation of our school and as only Year 6 pupils are allowed to apply for this position, it is considered to be very prestigious.  

Prefects are, in a sense, junior members of staff and are expected to take their role seriously.

The position not only allows the Year 6 pupils to lead by example and demonstrate their responsibility, it also enables the younger children to learn from a good example.

Every prefect has to apply for the job and their applications go through a selection process. Whilst the School Council members are chosen democratically by children, the senior staff identify and encourage suitable children to apply for a prefect position.

Once their application has been successful, prefects are awarded badges in a whole school assembly and also given a prefect badge to wear.

John Burns prefects must lead by example at all times in their behaviour, the respect they show to others and their school uniform. They take on many roles and have many responsibilities, such as:

  • Helping to set up the hall for assemblies and managing the audio and visual features in assemblies
  • Contributing to the school newsletter
  • Encouraging children to walk up and down the corridors and stairs calmly and quietly
  • Working with classes during wet break times
  • Showing visitors around the school
  • Opening and closing school community events, e.g. Harvest Festival/Prize Giving Evening
  • Assisting with PTA events
  • Improving the school grounds and recycling

The Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl meet with the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher regularly to discuss school developments. 

Prefect Newsletter 

Take a look at our new, fortnightly pupil newsletter: 

ISSUE 1 21/10/22

ISSUE 2 11/11/22 

ISSUE 3 02/12/22 

ISSUE 4 16/12/22

ISSUE 5 13/01/23

ISSUE 6 27/01/23

ISSUE 7 10/02/23

ISSUE 8 03/03/23

Prefect Team 

The Prefect Team is as follows:

Head Boy – Elliot Guichard 

Hello, my name is Elliot and I have been in this school for seven years (since 2015). This year, I have been elected to be Head Boy and I hope to successful in this role. I will try my hardest to give ideas to make the school even better than it is today.

I believe prefects are important representatives of the school and can positively influence younger children.

My three favourite subjects are maths, PE and computing. I enjoy maths because I like logic and I think it is fun to solve problems. I like PE because it is nice to have fun together at the same time as learning. I find computing interesting as there are many codes and creations you can make on a computer.  

I am looking forward to working with the other prefects in 2022-2023.

Head Girl – Maila Harris Canini

Hello, my name is Maila and I am 10-years-old. I have been in the school for seven years and I have amazing memories of my time at John Burns.

I’m really glad to have been chosen as Head Girl and I hope I will do a great job.

Out of all lessons, my favourite has always been maths because it is challenging and a good workout for your brain.

As an adult I aspire to be a vet as I love animals and would love to make them feel safe and healthy.

I will try my hardest to be an excellent Head Girl by modelling outstanding behaviour, staying positive and encouraging pupils to always try their best. I am looking forward to my last year of primary school and working with the other prefects.

Deputy Head Boy - Kelvan Ngaruko

My name is Kelvan and I am 10-years-old. I have been in this school for seven years and I have had the best times here.

My favourite subject is PE because most of the time we play my favourite sports. My favourite sports are football, basketball and table tennis.

I am really glad to be Deputy Head Boy and to have the opportunity to work with the other prefects in 2022-2023.

I feel extremely lucky to be one of the two boys chosen to be a prefect and I want to prove how good a Deputy Head Boy I can be. I hope I can finish my time at John Burns by doing something important and having a positive impact on the school.

Deputy Head Girl – Caitlin Wei

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I have been at John Burns Primary School since Nursery. My favourite things about the school are that pupils can earn value badges, the library has many paintings, fish sculptures and animal cushions, and from Year 3 onwards we get to learn how to swim.

My favourite subject is maths because I enjoy problem solving and multiplication. I also enjoy playing the violin and piano. I am currently learning grading pieces. Next year, I hope I can be part of the orchestra team.

During my free time, I enjoy painting (mainly using watercolours). Additionally, I play word games such as Wordle and word searches.

This year, I would like to bring new ideas to the school, encourage other pupils to work hard and be resilient, and to be a great team player with the other prefects.

Finally, when I am older, my aspiration is to become a dentist.

Laylia-Rose Olusegun

My name is Laylia-Rose and I have been in this school for six years. 

My time at John Burns has been great so far: I have made new friends and explored new things since Reception.

My favourite subject at school is maths because it is very challenging. It is a fantastic feeling when I fully understand the task I need to complete.

My most enjoyable hobby is art because it allows me to express my creativity and doesn’t need to be perfect. It is very relaxing and calming. I am creative and have a wild imagination.

During my time as a prefect, I would like to achieve more confidence in my speaking and my actions. I would like the opportunity to lead learning and to help to make the school a better place for all pupils.

In the future, I would like to own a shop filled with all my artwork and art supplies. I would also like to be a doctor because I like taking care of people and making them feel better. This is something I can develop in my role as a prefect. 

Sumaia Altayeb 

My name is Sumaia and I have been at the school for four years. I am 10-years-old and I am proud of be a prefect.

My favourite lesson is history because you get to learn about things that happened in the past and reflect on the impact of different people and places throughout time.

My second favourite lesson is PE because you get to have fun and enjoy yourself. At John Burns, we have the opportunity to play football, basketball, tennis and cricket. 

In this role, I would like to improve the school by suggesting new equipment for the playground and creating fun events for the children. I am looking forward to learning new things this year and going on trips.  

Naima Mohamed

My name is Naima and I have been at John Burns Primary School for seven years. 

During my time at the school, my favourite subject has been science because I love conducting new experiments and discovering new topics and ideas.

When I am older, I want to become a neurosurgeon or a nurse because I enjoy helping others.

One word I would use to describe John Burns is FANTASTIC! The teachers are phenomenal.

In my time in this role, I would love for everybody to achieve their goal. I am so thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait to work with the rest of the team. I hope this will lead to greater moments in the future. As Frederick Afrifa said in a recent visit to the school, ‘Keep moving forward!’

Declan Reed 

Hello, my name is Declan and I have been a pupil at John Burns Primary School for eight years.

John Burns is a wonderful school. We have the opportunity to complete a variety of fun activities here, including singing assemblies and learning Italian. One of my favourite events is the weekly Golden Assembly where your teacher chooses two children from your class and awards them with a certificate for good behaviour or excellent work.

I am excited to be a prefect as I enjoy helping people and giving advice.