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School Travel Plan

Travel Plan Update - November 2018

At John Burns Primary School, we encourage all of our pupils to travel to school in a healthy and sustainable way.

We hope to encourage well informed and life-long habits. We have a bike shed with storage racks where bikes and scooters can be secured.

We are taking part in Transport for London's STARS scheme. This acronym stands for Sustainable Travel: Active Responsible Safe. We believe in inspiring young Londoners to think differently about travel and its impact on their health, wellbeing and the environment.

We are delighted that with your help and support, we have achieved the Bronze Level Accreditation for our School Travel Plan. We recently been awarded our Silver Level Accreditation.

We want to reduce car travel and increase active travel even further (more walking, cycling and scooting). If you travel by car please Park and Stride. This is an easy way to make a difference.

What is Park and Stride?

Park and Stride is a simple idea for families who live further away, to enjoy the benefits of walking to school.

Do you drive to school?

If so, park a five minute walk from school and complete the rest of the journey on foot.

Do you use public transport?

If so, get off a couple of stops earlier and walk the rest of the way.


• Healthier and happier children
• Less congestion on the school gates
• Safer for children to cross
• Help look after our environment


Parking Reminder

A number of local residents have been in contact regarding the parking of parents around the school site.

Some parents are blocking driveways, double parking and blocking access for local residents. I know that we are all very busy and parking as close to school helps with time when parents need to get to work, but can I please urge you all to be considerate of where you are parking and bear in mind the access for our neighbours and members of our local community.

Switch off when Stationary

If you are a parent who drives to school by car and waits stationary outside the school gate, then please show some consideration to the parents and children in this area by switching your engine off.

Both parents and children often wait on the pavement near the main gate each morning. It is not pleasant to inhale these fumes on a daily basis.

Considerate Parking

We have had a complaint about parents parking across both sides of the cul-de-sac opposite the school.

A resident had to wait 15 minutes before they could leave their property earlier this week. Please be considerate to our neighbours when parking in the local community.

Parking Outside School

The safety of all our children is paramount.

Thank you to the vast majority of parents that drive safely on the adjoining roads. Just one or two people not driving safely can cause a big disruption to everyone else and, at worst, make things potentially dangerous. We are all busy in the mornings but need to remember to drive safely. Please be mindful of your speed so that you do not need to bring your vehicle to an abrupt emergency stop as you park.

Road Safety

A few parents and carers have mentioned their concerns about dangerous driving by our parents and commuters on the approach to, and outside, the school.

We remain very concerned about the near misses that are reported to us. We understand the frustrations felt by the school and neighbouring community. Dangerous incidents witnessed on neighbouring streets and roads - with details - should be reported to the police.

Throughout the year we hold a variety of events to celebrate sustainable travel including Walk to School week, Pedometer Challenge and scooter and bikeability training.