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Teaching Assistants

Here are class and teaching assistant arrangements for 2023-24:

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA):

Mrs S Harewood | HLTA | Library

Year 6 Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Thorogood | Teaching Assistant  

Mrs S Gabol | Teaching Assistant (afternoons)

Year 5 Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Porter | Teaching Assistant Sports Coach + First Aid 

Mrs S Gabol | Teaching Assistant (afternoons)

Year 4 Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Swaby | Teaching Assistant  Gardening

Year 3 Teaching Assistant:

Miss L Buckley | Teaching Assistant | Sports Coach + First Aid 

Year 2 Teaching Assistants:

Miss Burrowes | Teaching Assistant | First Aid 

Year 1 Teaching Assistant:

Miss Williams and Miss Messam| Teaching Assistants  First Aid (Miss Messam)

Early Years Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Jackson and Mrs Munday | Teaching Assistants