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Homework help

At John Burns we believe that homework – an activity set for pupils to undertake outside school lesson time, either on their own or with the support of family members – is an important part of our pupils’ education. We believe that homework should be relevant, enjoyable and manageable. We believe that homework facilitates the continuing development of the partnership between school and parents. Additionally we believe that homework should not cause conflict at home between parent and child and we would always encourage parents to approach the school for support should this be the case.

Why do we set homework?

  • Homework informs parents of what is going on in lessons
  • Homework is an opportunity to rehearse, revise and reinforce key aspects of learning
  • Homework can enable children to develop their confidence in a topic by exploring it in their home environment with the possibility of some 1-1 adult time
  • Homework helps to develop children’s organisational skills and self-discipline

We want to ensure we provide the children with as many opportunities to further their learning and understanding;  homework helps the children to do that.

In Year 6 the children are preparing for their transition to secondary school where the homework is considerably more.  Therefore in Year 6 the amount of homework will naturally be greater than for a child in KS1.

In the 'homework help' section, there are some links to help your child with maths, writing and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar.


It is imperative that your child has a love of reading, whether that be books, recipes, the newspaper, subtitles from the television. It is all reading! Your child should be reading for 20 minutes each night to improve their reading skills and widen their vocabulary.  Children adore being read to, so please find an opportunity to share a book with your child.

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Times Tables

Your child needs to learn their times tables, click on the multiplication chart for more mathematical challenges.

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Your child will be given a set of words and sentences to learn each week.  You should spend 10 minutes a day with your child practising spelling, sentences and handwriting. Click on the letters below for more fun spelling and grammar games.

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