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Y4/Y5 Kingswood Trip


On Sunday the 21st February an intrepid group of 20 year 4 and 5 children along with 3 adults set off towards the South East for the residential trip to Kingswood activity centre. The journey passed without drama although as the streets of Lewisham fell away to make way for rolling countryside, the call outs of “are we nearly there yet?” became more frequent. However, spirits were lifted as soon as we drove up the drive and caught sight of some of the many activities we would be having a go at over the next few days.

First job was to be shown around the site and find out where everything was. This was really useful for some of us that hadn’t been before and made sure everyone felt safe and happy. Next it was time to get settled into our rooms. The accommodation was very nice with two showers in every room, and very comfy beds. Beds that were so comfy some of us had trouble getting out of them at the start of the third day! Once we were unpacked, we were warned of the daily room inspections and made sure everything was in it’s place before heading out to our next activity, climbing!

This was a really good opportunity for us to face our fears, and we all had a go and scaling the huge wall. Everyone did brilliantly and whether we had just taken a couple of steps on the wall, or raced to the top, we all felt equally as proud. The climbing had made us hungry and thankfully it was time for our tea, something the teachers were very excited about aswell!  We then had a short time in our rooms before we all piled into our pyjamas and onesies and trudged down to the Blu-Ray Cinema. After this it was time for bed, and most of us went to sleep straight away, excited about the first day’s activities.

5am saw us spring out of bed and unbelievably Mr Bowman was up already, in fact he looked like he’d been up all night! We were up and ready for breakfast and then on to our first activities. Over the next 3 days we swung, we climbed, we crawled, we got muddy, (some of us got really muddy), we discussed, we ran, we listened, we laughed, we worked together, we abseiled, we fired arrows, we built towers, we fired lazers, we wore blindfolds, we got really muddy (again), we slept (eventually), and finally on the last night we danced at the legendary Kingswood disco.

By Wednesday morning we were worn out and ready to come home. A quick visit to the shop then we were on our way home. Exhausted, slightly grubby but having had a brilliant time.

“It was really good fun, I loved the 3G swing and Nightline!” Harlem.

“The food was really nice and there was loads of it!” Luke

“The 3G swing was really fun and the Nightline was horrible because you got so muddy! Sonny

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