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Y5/Y6 Royal Festival Hall


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“On Monday 21st March 2016, Y5 and most of Y6 sang at The Royal Festival Hall in front of many many people and 600 schools. It was a late night for us. Before we went to Queenstown Road to get a train, we had
lunch, and then we strolled to the train station.” - Tyler

“We hopped onto the over ground train and met some lovely, kind people. One of them even said that they we were representing our school very well. Finally, we jumped off at Waterloo and walked to the Royal Festival Hall. It took about half an  hour. Once we got there we were surprised to see how grand it was. Once we stepped in, we went upstairs to put our belongings and possessions on the floor and took our jumpers off. We went to the receptionist and she told us where to sit, the order of the songs we would sing and how many songs there were. The rehearsals were about 3 and a half hours long!”. - Nathan

“When we arrived at the Royal Festival Hall, the stage was colossal. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to perform live on that stage. There was a live orchestra and the beautiful sound of the instruments was amazing! With our parents supporting us and our Head Teacher our singing was awesome! We had to sing  many songs for the audience. Our school had the opportunity to sing a project with Wandsworth and we sang our delightful hearts out to the audience. One of the songs was ‘Rather Be’ it was my favourite. Most of the class loved it”. - Salma

“Before us there were some older children were performing the Lion Guard. Next came our time to shine! Le Garde Montante was the first song we sang to all of the spectators (who included our parents and teachers). Le Garde Montante was when we marched in and out of the hall. We kept marching when we were singing. The next song was ‘Rather Be’. It wasn’t very long but we still had a great time singing it”. - Keeley