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Reception Battersea Park

Reception had a fantastic trip in Battersea Park in the sunshine!  In the morning we had a minibeast hunt.  We had a magnifying glass to help us look for the minibeasts as they were very small and a clipboard to record what we found.  We were very excited and found lots of woodlice, worms, flies, earwigs and millipedes.

Some of the children were brave enough to hold the minibeast in their hands!  Once we had finished our hunt we had a picnic.  In the afternoon we explored the adventure playground climbing on the equipment and sliding down the massive slide!  We are hoping to go again very soon.

 This is what they children had to say about the trip.

Kamila: I found an enormous spider!

Aliyah: We went on the 137 bus to Battersea Park.

Guillermo: I really enjoyed looking for the minibeasts in Battersea Park.

William: It was great fun!.

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