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Y6 Gaveston Hall

18 children from Year 6 children travelled on a school journey to Gaveston Hall. After 2 hours, we finally got to Gaveston Hall! Soon after we arrived, we had to unpack our belongings, scramble for beds and get used to our new surroundings… Our favourite activity was the night-walk because the teachers enjoyed scaring the children. Also Lasharna and Shamarni had great fun scaring Miss Rutherford! We loved taking part in other activities such as pond-dipping, stream-walking and meeting the birds of prey.

Shamarni:Gaveston Hall was very exciting! My favourite activity was stream-walking because it was wet and cold and Tyler fell in which was pretty funny”.

Lasharna: “Gaveston Hall was extremely fun and exciting. The first night was terrible because there were lots of insects. Luckily, Miss Rutherford and Miss Melanie got most of them out of the dorms. My favourite activity was stream-walking and pond-dipping because people slipped and even fell in”!

Sunflower: “I thoroughly enjoyed this trip as we got to experience new activities including: birds of prey, pond dipping and stream walking. My favourite activity was the disco as we got to relax and have a fun time together! On the first night everyone was screaming because we weren’t used to having bugs near us…”

Tyler:I enjoyed stream walking even though I fell in! Even though we lost, I really enjoyed playing a football match against the other school that was at Gaveston Hall”.

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