School Nativities

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Key Stage 2 - December 2016

In a courtroom in the middle of Bethlehem…

The cows feel pushed out of their stable and they want it back! The donkeys, accused of having invited over a whole host of people, including a baby, deny all charges.

It was a bad day in court for Judge Grumps who had to preside over a tricky property dispute. Miss Correct and Mr Proper represented their clients, the cows and the donkeys.  The cows wanted the donkeys out of the stable as they kept inviting their friends around.  All the visitors were making the stable crowded and chaotic.

Fed up by their petty squabbles and confused by the nature of the case, Judge Grumps is far from happy. Seeing this, the narrator offers to take him out of the courtroom to witness the night’s events.

He enters Bethlehem to find the census taking place with the soldiers trying to keep order. Judge Grumps comes across a quiz master testing the knowledge of the three wise men. Following the successful conclusion of the quiz, the wise men follow the star.  Along the way they come across shepherds and a choir of angels.  Finally, at the stable, they all find the baby Jesus and the animals decide that they can live in peace and harmony together after all. 

There was a great deal of humour along with many superbly performed songs. It was a wonderful production from our Key Stage 2 children and a huge thank you to our members of staff for all their hard work through rehearsals.

“I was really pleased to get a part in the play, for those that volunteered we had to audition for different roles. I was a Roman solider, we got help from the teaching assistants to make our costumes. My favourite song was “The Wisest Men.” Amarah Y4

“Learning my lines as a Shepherd was quite easy, as I used to go to drama club. My favourite part of the play was the “Three Kings scene” when in the quiz show hosts asked “What’s brown and sticky?” Aroz’s delivery of his line was so funny when he said the answer – a stick!” Sasha Y4

“I was Miss Correct and wore a black wig. She was a posh lawyer who represented the cows as they wanted their barn back, her character was moody and always right! I liked doing all the actions to the songs, “Follow Me” was my favourite.” Alayna Y5

“I was Mr Proper a lawyer. The donkeys and the cows had a fight about who was staying in the stable, so I represented the donkeys who kept inviting their friends around.” Oliver Y5