Y2/Y6 Littlehampton 2017

On what was to be a blustery sunny day by the seaside, Y2 went on their annual trip to Littlehampton on 7th June, joined by a small group of Y6 pupils. Rocks and shells were collected, sandcastles built and seawater splashed, as both the children and adults enjoyed their own stretch of the beach, overlooked by the lifeguards.

“I enjoyed playing hangman on the train with Mrs Catterall, Mannick, Malik and Cameron. It was fun paddling in the sea and hunting for sea creatures on the beach. I found two limpets with Eden and some slimy seaweed. Sienna had a hat full of shells that she had collected. We all had ice creams and sat on the wall to eat them.” Evie Y2 “Once we got off the train we ate lunch on the beach and tried to avoid the seagulls that wanted to pinch our food. It was really nice weather and we got to splash in the sea, play on the beach and build sandcastles.” Anushah Y6

Anushah-Aseal    Mnat

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