Year 6 Prefects

The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and four other Year 6 Prefects.


Head Boy – Stephen Habtamu

I am Stephen - Head Boy.  I have attended John Burns Primary School since Nursery.  I think that we are a loving and caring school. Prefects choose two children to be presented with an award on a Friday. They award good behaviour, good manners and eating well.

Head Girl - Brooke Young

Hello my name is Brooke Young and I am Head Girl at John Burns. My favourite subjects are PE, DT, art and topic. My favourite after school club is gymnastics. I have a couple of ideas for young artists, like getting different art supplies for the older children. Also, I would like to have new charity events like 'Children in Need' and additional cake sales to raise more funds for the school. 

Deputy Head Boy - Oliver Menezes

Hello my name is Oliver. I’m the Year 6 Deputy Head Boy.  My job of being a Deputy Head Boy means a lot to me.  I am enjoying making the school a better place and helping everyone to have a happy and positive school experience. I like coming to John Burns Primary School.  My favourite lessons are English, maths, science, topic, art and D.T.  I like sketching, construction, coding, singing and dancing.

Deputy Head Girl - Chloe Lu Yao

Hello my name is Chloe Lu Yao Wei and I am Deputy Head Girl and I will be Deputy Head Girl for 2017- 2018.  I enjoy helping out on the infant playground and in the dinner hall at lunchtimes. I am a keen musician and am learning two musical instruments.  My favourite subject is Maths because I like to divide. I also like DT because I like making things.

Prefect - Joe Bielarz

Hello there! My name is Joe Bielarz and I am a Prefect. I enjoy being a Prefect because I like looking after the infant children and helping them to eat their lunch.  It is important for me to keep the infants safe on the playground. I am proud to come to John Burns and am pleased that as Prefect I can help to improve it.

Prefect - Paris Riches

Hello!  My name is Paris Riches.  I am a prefect.  My favourite lessons are PE (gymnastics), art, topic and DT. I enjoy helping anyone and everyone.  I can do this on the infant playground and in the dinner hall at lunchtime. I am a creative person and have started to publish my own comics.  One is called Mischief Makers.

Prefect - Kacey Kodua Smith

Hello my name is Kacey Kodua Smith and I am a Prefect. I am trying hard to make a difference to the school. My favourite games are football, handball and tennis. If you need any help, please come to Year 6 so I can sort out any issues and problems you may have. I want to be a helpful Prefect.  

Prefect - Holly Hayward

Hello my name is Holly Hayward. I am a prefect. My favourite lessons are PE, art and science. My favourite after school club is Gymnastics. I also like to read and write. I feel that it is important to be a prefect that is kind and fair. I will be a good role model, teaching them to be polite and well mannered.

Prefect Noticeboard