School Clubs

Each term we offer a wide variety of after school clubs including arts, computing, board games and sports. Where after school clubs are run by our own members of staff, there is a charge of £10 per term. However, where we have to bring in specialists from outside school to run the club, we need to make a charge fof £20 per term. 

Registration for after school clubs takes place from the school office where you can collect a preference request form. Please refer to the list below to see if your child would like to participate in any of the activities and enter your 1st, 2nd 3rd preferences in the end column of the form and hand it into the Office. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. We shall inform you in writing if your child has been allocated a place. Where a payment is due this must be made as soon as possible in order to secure your child's place.

All activities start in week two of every term. Please note that children taking part in sports clubs are required to wear our John Burns P.E Kit.  

All after school activities last 60 minutes and finish at 4.15pm. All children must be collected by a nominated adult over 16 years of age, unless you give us written confirmation that your child (Year 6) has permission to walk home alone. Please also advise us if your child is to be transferred into our after school care once their after school club has finished at 4.15pm.


2019 Spring Term After School Clubs


Bat and Ball Games with SG Sports - Y1, Y2, Y3 - £20 for 10 sessions

Computer Club with Miss Gilchrist - Y3, Y4 - £10 for 10 sessions

Booster Reading (by invitation only) with Ms Shettle - Y6 - 10 sessions


Multisports with Bedhead - Y1, Y2, Y3 - £20 for 10 sessions

Creative Club with Miss Connolly - Y1, Y2 - £10 for 10 sessions

Gym Club with Miss Buckley - Y5, Y6 - £10 for 10 sessions


Football (Girls) with Miss Buckley - Y4, Y5, Y6 - £10 for 10 sessions 


Football with Bedhead - Y4, Y5, Y6 - £20 for 10 sessions

Board Games Club with Miss Barrett - Y3, Y4, Y5 - £10 for 10 sessions

Phonics Club with Miss Ali - YR1 - 10 sessions


Gym with SG Sports - Y2, Y3, Y4 - £20 for 10 sessions