At John Burns Primary School we feel it is important for children to be set engaging homework that gives them the opportunities to practise and consolidate the learning that has taken place at school (across a range of subjects). Research indicates that pupils prefer interesting, challenging and varied tasks that have adequate deadlines.  

This term, we are trialling a self-selection menu for children's homework in English/Topic. Children will receive a new self-selection homework menu at the beginning of each half term. The menu outlines 10 homework tasks that are linked to the learning that will take place over the course of the half term. Tasks are completed in the children's English/Topic homework books. Children will hand in their homework to their class teacher on a Wednesday. This will be marked and returned on a Friday.

Completed written homework will be acknowledged and appropriately recognised/rewarded.

Click here to open and read the Homework Contract. This can be found in the inside cover of both the English/Topic homework book and the Maths homework book. Please make sure that the Homework Contract is read and signed.

Please click on the relevant link to find the self-selection menus for your child's year group below:

Year Group Topic Self-selection Homework Menu - English/Topic
Year 1 Superheroes  Y1, Autumn 2 Homework Self-selection Menu
Year 2 Wiggle and Crawl Y2, Autumn 2 Homework Self-selection Menu
Year 3 Predator Y3, Autumn 2 Homework Self-selection Menu
Year 4 Misty Moutain Sierra Y4, Autumn 2 Homework Self-selection Menu
Year 5 Off With Her Head Y5, Autumn 2 Homework Self-selection Menu
Year 6 Frozen Planet Y6, Autumn 2 Homework Self-selection Menu

Parents who have any concerns over homework issues are invited to raise these in the first instance with either the class teacher or the Assistant Headteacher.