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£66.92 raised for WWF

John Burns Rights Respecting Committee decided to have a day all about endangered animals and raised monies totalling £66.92 by taking part in WWF "Wear It Wild" campaign.

Animals are being made extinct. We need to respect the tiger, the panda, the rhino and the elephant. The grass sways, the cattle grazes, but the tiger is in danger! We must act now before it's too late! We must help the animals stay alive for the future. Animals may be different to us, but we must still respect them. Don't let our future generation not hear the tigers ROAR! written by Caydeigh & Brooke Y2

For the "Wear It Wild" campaign, pupils wore their own clothes, but not just any clothes, they wore animal clothes and wore masks and face-paint too! The money we donated will help WWF continue to work hard to address threats facing wildlife and habitats all over the world.

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