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£140 to Save the Children

We had a fabulous day in the sunshine on the 16th June as we all participated in Save the Children’s Den Day. Our pupils came to school in their old clothes and donated £1 towards the charity, as they learnt about the importance of shelter for children across the world by building their own.

The day began with the children working in small groups along with Y6 pupils from Shaftesbury Park (Dolphins), as they used their creative flair to plan and design imaginative dens. The children then collected their chosen materials from a huge collection of cardboard boxes, tubes, bed sheets and blankets in the playground and started to build their dens. Lots of discussions took place as the children thought outside the box (as well as inside the box), as they understood the importance of cooperation and working together as a team, listening, negotiating and evaluating through trial and error, until each group was happy with their den.

“We had great teamwork and that’s why I think we did so well. Everyone was given a job to do and we all took responsibility. We didn’t really have an exact plan, though we made sure we had poles to keep the cardboard roof up. We remained positive as a team and I really enjoyed the day. When the time was up, I looked over to the other teams and thought that we were a step ahead of the competition and had a good chance of winning. I know we have Den day so we can try to experience what it is like for refugees in Nepal and that Save the Children are there to help them.” Gabriel Y4

“It was a really fun day, all of my team were helping and sharing and took turns to do different things. We built our den under the silver slide on the playground. We drew our windows on the cardboard and did lots of cutting and sticking with the scissors and sellotape. I also drew a TV and there were boxes for us to sleep in. When we were building we could hear Mr Bowman on the speakers, he was loud. We built our dens, to see what it’s like for people who live without a home.” Nyashae Y2

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