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Farewell Dominique!

“My ten years as a governor and eight as chair here at John Burns have been a challenging but wonderful pleasure and exceptional privilege. I’ve had the opportunity to meet headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, premises officers, therapists, school inspectors, governors, parents, social workers, council advisers and many children. All these people together make up our fantastic school community. School is about learning and what we learn with pleasure we never forget.”

“At John Burns, I have learnt many lessons, of which the three key ones for me have been: The love of learning is one of the most exciting things in the world; Give children support and confidence and they will give their best and achieve their highest; and Listen to and appreciate good people.”

“I am very pleased indeed to be able to report that Daniel Johns has agreed to become the next Chair of Governors and that Laura Poots has agreed to act as Vice-Chair. This means that continuity is assured and that Brian Grogan, our new Head Teacher from September, will be very ably supported by an experienced and knowledgeable Chair and Vice-Chair team, as well as the rest of the Governing Board.”

“Another change will be a new clerk for John Burns. Helen Watts will be taking over from Al Damon. Helen comes highly recommended as she is also the clerk at Granard Primary School. Thanks to Al for all his hard work and support as clerk over the past years.”

“Thank you John Burns School and good luck.”

Dominique Ryder

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