• JohnBurns0165

Year 6 visit a Buddhist Temple

As we approached the Buddhist temple in Wimbledon, all became calm and tranquil.  Year 6 fell silent and respectful of the monks and Buddhists who were meditating in the calmness grounds of the temple.


Year 6 were greeted by a lovely lady who instantly welcomed us into the temple.  All the children and adults removed their shoes before entering the temple and sat on the beautiful carpet.  The lady began to share the story of Buddha and Siddhartha which surrounded and stared at us from the walls of the temple.  The children enjoyed listening to the story and teachings of Buddhism.  After looking around the inside of the temple the children were given the opportunity to try some meditating.  Calming the mind by focussing and concentrating on their breathing, watching their chest rise and fall with their eyes closed began the mediation.  The children enjoyed the stillness and quiet time during the meditation.


What a superb day!

Thank you to Wimbledon Buddhist Temple.

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