Pupil Ambassadors

We are very lucky at John Burns to have Pupil Ambassadors representing our school. This is a huge privilege and honour for these children. The children all receive their own badge and are presented with a special tie. Our Ambassadors have a very active role in the school and have been allocated different aspects of school life to focus on. The children also meet with the Head Teacher on a regular basis to discuss their special projects.

IMG_04191      IMG_0956      IMG_0957

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“I was voted by the Y6 class to be “Head Boy”. I think I was chosen as I have a friendly and responsible character and I always try my best to help other children. As an Ambassador for the school, I will continue to try and make John Burns a happy and enjoyable place. I would like us to be able to have even more sports, as PE lessons are so important for our fitness!” David             

Our Pupil Ambassadors special tie is shown below.