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Each year there are 190 school days which leaves 175 days for holidays, shopping, non urgent medical and dental appointments.

  • 98% attendance means 4 learning days lost.
  • 95% attendance means less than 10 learning days lost.
  • 90% attendance means 4 weeks (20 days) of learning days lost.
  • 85% attendance means 5 and a half weeks (27.5 days) of learning days lost.
  • 80% attendance means 7 and a half weeks (37.5 days) of learning days lost.

Please contact the school as early as possible on the first day of absence. The school requires confirmation of your child's symptoms ("unwell" is not an acceptable reason) with a likely date of return. If your child has a medical appointment during the day, please inform the school. We do not allow any child to leave school without authorisation from the parent/carer. The school requires copies of hospital and doctors appointments.

Similarly, if you are going to be late, please telephone the school as early as possible to let us know. Please be advised that if you have not collected your child by 3.45 he or she will be put into After School Care and you will be charged for the session. The same rule applies if you are late picking up a child after a club ends.


Parents/Carers often call the school to notify is that their child will be late for one reason or another but they will not be marked in the register until they actually arrive in school.

John Burns School works very hard on matters of attendance and punctuality. We reward pupils with good records of attendance and punctuality in assemblies. We are vigorous in our efforts to address non-attendance or persistent lateness. We work closely with the Education Welfare Service who will contact families directly to offer support.

Punctuality … something to think about

Lateness = Lost learning over a school year.

5 minutes late each day                                     3 days lost

10 minutes late each day                                   6.5 days lost

15 minutes late each day                                   10 days lost

20 minutes late each day                                   13 days lost

30 minutes late each day                                   19 days lost

Permission must always be sought from the Headteacher for holidays.

Please note that only absences with exceptional circumstances will be authorised regardless of your child's attendance. 

Absence permission forms are available directly from the School Office or please click here. 

Due to a policy change, with effect from the 1st September 2015, the threshold for persistent absence is being lowered from 15% to 10%. This means that if absence falls below 90% it will be deemed as a persistent absence and the Education Welfare service would have to become involved.