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School Policies

Name Date File Size  
Administration of Medication in School 21st Jun 2017151 KB Download
Adverse Weather Conditions Policy 12th Oct 2016144 KB Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 21st Jun 2017218 KB Download
Assessment Policy 12th Oct 2016343 KB Download
Asthma Policy 2018 06th Nov 2018144 KB Download
Attendance Policy 13th Jul 2018456 KB Download
Behaviour Policy 2018 07th Nov 2018367 KB Download
Breakfast and After School Care Policy 13th Jul 2018217 KB Download
Calculation Policy Wandsworth LA 12th Oct 20166 MB Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy... 16th Apr 20181 MB Download
Complaints Policy 12th Oct 2016347 KB Download
Confidentiality Policy 06th Jun 2017129 KB Download
Data Protection Policy GDPR 13th Jul 2018366 KB Download
E-safety Policy 21st Jun 2017754 KB Download
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 12th Oct 2017251 KB Download
Equality Policy 13th Jul 2018239 KB Download
Fair Processing Notice 12th May 2017232 KB Download
Freedom of Information Policy 06th Jun 2017180 KB Download
Health and Safety Policy - January 19 30th Jan 2019585 KB Download
Homework Policy 17th Jan 2017142 KB Download
Mobile Phones Policy 12th Oct 201686 KB Download
Nursery Admissions Policy 01st Dec 2017876 KB Download
Packed Lunch / Breakfast & After School... 21st Jun 2017223 KB Download
Photography and Video Policy 13th Jul 2018289 KB Download
Promoting British Values Policy 17th Jan 201770 KB Download
Ramadan Policy 17th Jan 2017203 KB Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy... 29th Nov 20181 MB Download
School Dinner Policy - January 2019 30th Jan 2019327 KB Download
School Outings 26th Jan 2016155 KB Download
Security Policy - January 2019 30th Jan 2019176 KB Download
Social Media Policy 29th Nov 2016224 KB Download
Special Educational Needs Policy 21st Jul 2017515 KB Download
Sun Protection Policy 21st Jun 201795 KB Download
Supporting Pupils with Medical Condition... 21st Jun 2017528 KB Download
Vexatious Policy 06th Jun 2017231 KB Download
Whistleblowing Policy 22nd Feb 2017137 KB Download