A o’Connell 

(Prospective Parent)

Thank you for your time this morning, taking us on the school tour. We both came away feeling that school has a wonderful community feel and the children were very polite and engaged.

Fingers crossed and admission distances allowing we will see you again in Sep 14

E Hollingworth 

(Prospective Parent)

We love the positive energy in the school, the huge range of available activities for all the children and the enthusiastic staff.

 D Davies

(Prospective Parent)

We recently came to an open day . My wife, daughter and I were taken around by Miss Davies . We were hugely impressed . The atmosphere and philosophy are very inspiring . The children and teachers were all enthusiastic and accommodating . We will definitely be putting John Burns as our first choice in January for our daughter Florence . 

There is one question I failed to ask whilst visiting I was hoping you could answer . After John Burns which secondary schools do the children move on to?

Dominique Ryder

The new Website is fantastic and reflects what a vibrant, positive, happy and enthusiastic place to learn John Burns is.
Well done to all those who worked on its launch and for the all the pupils who star in it.

Janice Coleman


I went to your school in 1950 at the age of 5 years old until 11 years old when I went to my secondary school. I am so pleased you are still going strong after all these years. One of my teachers was a Mr Haldane who has probably long departed this world by now. Keep up the good work; I was very happy whilst at John Burns.

Nicky Mclachlan;
Reach Academy Feltham


Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your fabulous school today. The environment is so vibrant and welcoming with all your wonderful eye-catching displays. I thoroughly enjoyed observing Year 1 Maths Mastery lesson. The lesson
was very calm and focused throughout and the children knew exactly what was expected of them. I left John Burns feeling very inspired, full of ideas I will take back to my own school.

Community Nursery Nurse

The pupils at John Burns School Battersea are the most positive and best behaved pupils I have had the pleasure of meeting.

They made doing their heights and weights very special as they were very co-operative and respectful.

Yolande Steward, Headteacher;
Oakdale Primary School Peterborough

Colourful, warm, inviting and child centered

A Leadership team that is driven to do the best for each and every child. Honest children that love their school and are proud of it. A successful school with an embedded philosophy.

I am going away feeling inspired and excited. Thank you Julie so much for giving up your valuable time.

Laura Martin, Headteacher;
Southfields Primary School.

Friendly, open and wonderful children who could also talk in depth about the learning in the school. Enthusiastic leaders and very knowledgeable. Bright, vibrant learning environment. Loved the playground. AMAZING behaviour-WOW!

R McHay, Headteacher;
Wingates Primary School.

A school where all stakeholders have bought into the values and the vision-this is very clear throughout the school! Outstanding! I will take lots of great ideas back to reflect upon. Thank you to ALL staff and pupils (superb)

Andy Lyons, Headteacher;
Hampton Hargate Primary School.

A friendly and happy school. Feeling of large team and all working for the same agreed aims. Positive, happy, confident and motivated pupils who are proud of their school and want us to know that!

Rachel Simmons, Headteacher;
John Clare Primary School.

I was very impressed by the shared vision and ethos of the school. The children and staff all talk passionately about their school and how they want to be the best. Children are very polite. The welcoming board outside welcoming the Peterborough HT’s immediately made us smile.

Anne Byrne, Headteacher;
Hampton Vale Primary School

I was impressed by how embedded your values are in everything you do. Your children’s manners are beautiful and “You’re welcome” is an automatic response when you thank them. Displays are absolutely beautiful. Very strong pupil voice.

Steve McGarrigle, Headteacher;
Rollins Primary School.


Dear Julie, During my time at your school I was impressed by your commitment to providing the best learning opportunities possible for the children within your local community. It was an absolute pleasure for Jenny and I to meet you and other members of your staff. It was clearly evident to us that your focus is on the children’s social, emotional and academic needs. We also loved the sense of fun that you have attached to student learning and school life. You should be extremely proud of your achievements in creating a vibrant school community and a culture that places such a high value on providing quality learning opportunities and success for students. We couldn’t help but be impressed by not only your extremely talented staff but also your wonderful students and their positive attitude towards learning. Your dynamic leadership has certainly had a profound effect on the school.

Sandra de Freitas,
Teaching assistant.

A big thank you to everyone at John Burns for your support and friendship. I hope I receive the same warm welcome at my new school.

Julian Walton,
PE teacher.

Thank you everyone for everything. It’s been an amazing experience working at JB where everybody really works hard and cares for the students which has been amazing to see. Thank you for the friendships and making me so welcome.

Rachael Paynter,
Y1 teacher.

Thank you so much for being so warm, accepting and helpful. I feel really lucky to have been part of such a friendly, co-operative and lovely team.

Nancy Ridler

 I was a passenger on the 77 bus returning with John Burns children after their visit to the Aquarium.  They were well behaved and the staff looking after them were good natured, professional and still smiling after a long day! Both students and staff were great adverts for your school!!!!

Pauline Gibbons

I visited your school for a 2 day course last week.... And what blew me away was how happy everyone was, both staff and pupils.  The school was so calm and peaceful, the children absolutely delightful, polite and so well mannered and friendly. This is truly a most inspiring school!!!!!

Heather Titchener, Principal; Poukawa School
Hawkes Bay NZ

Thank you so much for a very interesting and inspiring visit.  John Burns has very friendly, sharing staff, and enthusiastic teachers who obviously enjoy what they are doing.  Julie, you are running a high quality learning community.  The teachers and students are focused on high expectations and results; your learning environment is superb - bright, colourful, and interesting to utilise.  I love all the colour!  High quality displays, and learning programmes are in place and it is easy to catch a glimpse of all that is going on, in spite of being there for just the morning. Thank you for sharing and being so willing to accommodate me. I enjoyed it immensely.

Christy Keogh, Parent

I would like to thank all the staff at John Burns for providing such a wonderful beginning to my daughters educational journey. The care, attention and support she received was truly outstanding! By providing such a warm, personal and nurturing environment for learning, you have created a solid foundation for her educational journey. What's more, you have inspired and encouraged her to learn and fostered a passion for learning which I see in her every day! Thank you for all of the wonderful work you do. We will miss you all! Sincerely, Christy, Kevin, and Shaylee.

Daniel Rodeck,
Assistant Headteacher;
Richard Atkins School

Many thanks for letting us visit John Burns and spending time with us the other morning. Maria and I found it very interesting and have taken a lot back to Richard Atkins with us.

Tom Hurd

Dear Miss Davies,

I would like to thank you and your staff for all the care and attention you gave to our daughter. She loved her time with you. You have created a special atmosphere of which you should be very proud. Many thanks indeed.

Susannah Hope
(student teacher)

You have such a happy and warm school and everyone has made me feel very welcome even though I only visited for the shortest time.

Shauna Corrigan

I would like to say a BIG thank you for everything you have taught me during my weeks work experience at your school! From this experience I have brought many things back with me and I hope to put it in to practice when I become a teacher! Your inspiration has been amazing and the staff and children have been delightful to work with! I couldn't have asked for a warmer welcome! Miss you all x

Helen Johnson.

I wanted to pass on my thanks and congratulations to all those at John Burns-staff and children who made last night’s concert at The Royal Festival Hall possible. I was very proud of the pupils who took part, they sang beautifully, danced amazingly and followed their cues to perfection. From my seat, it also looked like behaved very well, which I know is very important to the staff and the school.

Louise Gilbert

 I visited the school and was amazed at the colourful displays and photographs. Everyone was very friendly and it seemed a fun place to be!

Wendy Larcombe, Principal; 
Appin Park School,
Wangaratta. Australia.

I found my visit very useful in terms of your school culture of high expectations of all learners and staff, and the attractive learning environment you have established.

Meenakshi Singal,
Deputy Headteacher; 
British School New Delhi.


Thank you for all the time, patience and information you shared with us during our visit to your school. Everybody went out of their way to accommodate us which we really appreciated. Please convey our thanks to the staff and students for giving us such a warm welcome.

John Wheeler, ICT Consultant; 
Wandsworth LA

Can I just say what a delight it was to visit John Burns School. It was lovely to be in such an optimistic place and meet so many lovely staff and pupils.  Can I also say it was very pleasing to work with so many intelligent lively children.

Abdi Ahmed;

I wish to thank you and your team for your excellent support at John Burns. Indeed, it has been a great delight for our children to have attended John Burns. Certainly, the warm and cheerful welcome every morning by Miss Davies and the teachers will be missed

Nicki Goddard;
Former Chair of Governors

It has been a great honour and absolute pleasure to be Chair of Governors at John Burns and I shall miss dropping in and out of the school. I wish you all, staff and pupils, my best wishes for the future and as a local resident, hope that John Burns continues to improve and make the community proud to have such a great school in its midst

Debbie Stockwell;
Visiting Learning Mentor

Not only is this an outstanding school, it now also looks like an outstanding school.

Dominique Ryder

I love the website. It's a great window on the school and shows some of the fantastic things going on. Everybody looks as if they are enjoying learning. A school to be proud of! 

Amanda Ison

John Burns is a good school - any problems that the children have are dealt with quickly and in a caring manner.  The emphasis is on developing the children’s skills and helping them to become more confident.   All staff are very caring (including the office staff who are often forgotten).  I am happy with my 2 children's education at the school and would recommend the school to others.