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Curriculum Implementation Statement

Our ambitious curriculum is implemented through successful subject leadership and secure subject knowledge.  

Subject leaders are given training opportunities to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding so they can support curriculum development and their colleagues throughout the school.   

Subject leaders write subject action plans identifying priorities and actions to ensure the effective implementation for their subject. 

The school is well resourced in terms of learning materials, books and technology. 

External specialists and providers are used to enhance and enrich the delivery of some curriculum areas, e.g., Music and Italian.  

All curriculum subjects have their own statements of Intent, Implementation and Impact.  These can be found on each subject page on the school website or read by clicking on each subject link below:   

Core Subjects

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 Foundation Subjects

Curriculum overviews are carefully sequenced and mapped out across each key stage and subject area.   

Autumn Term Curriculum Overviews

KS1 Autumn Term 2023 Curriculum Overviews

Year 1 | Home Sweet Home

Year 2 | Smouldering London

KS2 Autumn Term 2023 Curriculum Overviews

Year 3 | Ages Ago  

Year 4 | Burnt Cakes

Year 5 | Under the Chimneys

Year 6 | XX

Spring Term Curriculum Overviews

KS1 Spring Term 2024   

Year 1 | Ends of the Earth

Year 2 | Layers of London

KS2 Spring Term 2024

Year 3 | Fantastic Plastic  

Year 4 | Beneath the Surface

Year 5 | I Wish I Could Fly

Year 6 | Against the Odds

Summer Term Curriculum Overviews

KS1 Summer Term 2024   

Year 1 | London Landmarks

Year 2 | Britain's Great

KS2 Summer Term 2024 

Year 3 | Resisting the Romans  

Year 4 | Burnt Ships

Year 5 | The Greatest Empire

Year 6 | Back to My Future