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EYFS Curriculum 

EYFS Curriculum Implementation Statement

Our ambitious curriculum is implemented through successful subject leadership and secure subject knowledge.  

Subject leaders are given training opportunities to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding so they can support curriculum development in the EYFS. 

Subject leaders write subject action plans identifying priorities and actions to ensure the effective implementation for their subject. 

Children are given plenty of time to engage in exploration and gain experiences throughout the day using the indoor and outdoor environment.  

Staff plan for and ensure that both the inside and outside spaces are fun, safe, engaging and offer challenge.  Children learn to co-operate and listen to others. They do this in pairs, small groups and whole class groups.  

We record observations in a secure online journal called Seesaw.  In Nursery, written work is recorded in individual Learning Journeys.  Our children are assessed in relation to their progress using Birth to 5 Matters and the Early Learning Goals.  These judgements are made on the basis of accumulative observations and in-depth knowledge of the children acquired through ongoing assessments.  Next steps are taught in the moment during continuous provision and adult-led activities to ensure children are challenged. 

Many of our children will have already begun their journey through the Foundation Stage when they join us and we find out about and recognise their previous learning and the experiences they have had at home.  We take the time to visit families and find out about our children before they join us in Nursery and Reception because we know that good parental links are instrumental to success in the Early Years.  We maintain good channels of communication with parents using Seesaw (online, secure journal) and operate a friendly and welcoming open-door policy.   

All curriculum subjects have their own statements of Intent, Implementation and Impact.  These can be found on each subject page on the school website or read by clicking on each subject link listed below as either a Core Subject or a Foundation Subject:  

Core Subjects

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 Foundation Subjects