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I made 5,127 prototypes of my vacuum before I got it right. There were 5,126 failures. But I learned from each one. That's how I came up with a solution - James Dyson

  Design Technology in KS1 

Year 2 Mechanisms - December 2022

Year 2 designed and made Christmas cards using flaps, slivers and levers.  

Year 2 Sewing - March 2023

Year 2 has used running stitches to create their coat of arms.  

 Design Technology in Lower KS1

Year 3 Cookery - December 2022 

Year 3 designed and made stone age bread. They measured ingredients accurately and practised their kneading and mixing skills. 

Year 3 Structures and Mechanisms - March 2023


Year 3 has designed and made their own mobiles for a younger relative. They have used junior hacksaws to cut wooden dowel, added string and attached painted cardboard shapes to their mobile.

Year 4 Cookery - December 2022  

Year 4 has designed and made healthy cakes by looking at alternatives to sugar. They used measuring and mixing skills to follow a recipe, which included pre-heating the oven and overseeing baking times.   

Year 4 Sewing - March 2023   

Year 4 has used blanket stiches to assembly the components of a stuffed toy (sea creature).  

Design Technology in Upper KS2

Year 5 Structures and Mechanisms - December 2022

Year 5 has designed a built a bridge using different joinery techniques to fulfil a brief.

Year 5 Cookery - March 2023  

Year 5 has practised chopping, grating and peeling before designing and cooking their own British themed dish.

Year 5 Mechanisms and Mechanical Systems - March 2023


Year 5 took part in a STEM enrichment project as part of British Science Week.  The class was split into four groups and each group had a different DigiWiz kit to build. They built worm robots, mop robots, carnival wheels and wind energy fan cars. 

Year 6 Sewing - December 2022

Year 6 has learnt about different stitching techniques and has used this knowledge to make a finger puppet (Christmas themed). 

Year 6 Cookery - February 2023

Year 6 has planned and made a nutritious meal fit for surviving in the desert.

 Computing Suite Display - Year 5 DigiWiz