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School Meals

Meals are provided as part of the Local Authority’s catering contract with Edwards and Ward and are in line with the nutritional guidelines.

The price of a school meal is £2.40 per pupil, per day. Payment must be made via bank transfer, and the minimum transaction using this service must be equivalent to half a terms' school meal charges. When paying please quote the reference as 'child's name - meals'.

Schedule of School Meals Payments is listed below:

Schedule of School Meals payment for 2020 - 2021 
Half Term Dates Payment Due Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 + Full Time Nursery * Part Time Nursery
Autumn 1  03/09/20 - 23/10/20



M/Tu £28.20

Th/F £28.20

Autumn 2 02/11/20 - 18/12/20 09/10/20 £79.90

M/Tu £32.90

Th/F £32.90

Spring 1 05/01/21 - 12/02/21 04/12/20 £56.40

M/Tu £25.85

Th/F £28.20

Spring 2 22/02/21 - 31/03/21 12/02/21 £65.80

M/Tu £25.85

Th/F £23.50

Summer 1 19/04/21 - 28/05/21 12/03/21 £68.15

M/Tu £25.85

Th/F £28.20

Summer 2 08/06/21 - 22/07/21 14/05/21 £77.55

M/Tu £30.55

Th/F £28.20

* Key: Part-Time Nursery: M/Tu = Monday and Tuesday and Th/F = Thursday and Friday.

Click here to download the Autumn 2021 School Meal Menu.

If at any time you wish your child to change from school dinners to packed lunch or vice versa, we ask that you give us a half term’s notice. It is also the parent’s responsibility to inform us of your child’s allergies or dietary requests.

Nut Free School

We are a nut free school and would like to remind parents and carers that we have children in school with severe nut allergies.

As you can appreciate, this can be life threatening should these children come into contact with any traces of nuts; this includes smelling or inhaling airborne nut particles.

To keep all our children safe, all forms of nuts or foods with traces of nuts must not be brought into school. Please can you ensure when you provide your child with a packed lunch that it does not contain any of these foods, in particular Nutella style chocolate spread.

Packed Lunches

Children need a balanced diet with a good variety of foods to ensure that all their requirements for growth and development are met. The government has indicated that all school dinners must meet nutritional guidelines and these standards are met by the LA contractors (Edwards and Ward Catering). It seems only fair therefore, that we should attempt to make sure that packed lunches also meet the same criteria.

Healthy Eating

We are a Healthy School and as such we operate the traffic light system with regard to lunch boxes and what they should contain. The packed lunch should also include a bottle of plain water (not fruit juice of any kind).  Jugs and cups of water are always available to all children in the diner hall.

As part of our PSHE programme of work and in an effort to promote healthy eating amongst our pupils we are promoting the traffic light system to help the children to make healthy choices at lunchtimes.

You may well ask what does this mean?

Red – Stop

Items to be eaten occasionally

Amber – Get Ready

Food that is good for you, but should be eaten in moderation. This food group is important for energy, calcium and protein

Green – Go

Important for essential vitamins and to be eaten lots of

In their lunch boxes, we encourage the children to include lots of items from the ‘Green’ food list, some from the ‘Amber’ food list and one item only from the ‘Red’ food list. The children can be very inventive and with a little help they will make healthy choices whether they have hot dinners from our kitchen or healthy packed lunches prepared.

RED – 1 item only

AMBER – several items

GREEN – unlimited

Plain Biscuits

Bread, Pasta, Rice


Plain Cakes

Cheese, Yoghurt






Sausages, Cooked Meats, Fish


* Banned items = Crisps, chocolate, sweets or pre-packed snacks such as lunchables, chocolate spreads, peanut butter and conserves (jam and marmalades).