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School Prefects

At John Burns Primary School, we are very fortunate to have a group of fantastic prefects.

At the beginning of year six, pupils are given the opportunity to nominate themselves to become a prefect.

The pupils then put together a short presentation about why they would make a successful prefect. It is always a pleasure to listen to the thoughtful and inspiring presentations from our year six pupils.

Following this, their classmates vote for the person that they feel would make the best prefect. Once votes are counted, the winners are announced, and these pupils will become the new prefects for the remainder of the academic year. Within the team is a group of senior prefects - head boy, head girl, deputy head boy and deputy head girl. These senior prefects represent the pupils in our school and lead in important whole school events, like prize giving evening, open afternoon and the harvest festival.

Being a prefect is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to demonstrate their leadership skills, and for them to become role models for younger children. Prefects are dedicated to making our school an even better place to be, and give up some of their own lunchtime to monitor and support positive behaviour. They also lead promotional activities for the school, including charity events.

Head Boy – Nidal Elmrabti

Hello!  My name is Nidal and I am the Year 6 Head Boy.

Hello my name is Nidal Elmrabti and I am now the Head Boy. My parents chose this school because it had an outstanding Ofsted. My favourite subjects are maths, science, geography and history.

I like to play football even though I’m not in a team. I also enjoy riding my bike (except when it rains). In my spare time I like to build my own electronics. I’m proud I was selected for Head Boy and I always will be. I’m looking forward to working with the prefect team to improve our school to be the best when it comes to behaviour and good manners.

Head Girl - Caydeigh Scully

Hello!  I am Caydeigh Scully and I am the Head Girl for 2019-20.

Hello.  My name is Caydeigh and I am 10 years old. I am proud and happy to be Head Girl at John Burns. I enjoy a variety of subjects, particularly PE, as I have a keen interest in hockey and football. I also like acting as I model and I have appeared in a couple of magazines. I also have four value badges. People say I am a very bubbly, talkative person. I am also described as trustworthy, kind, positive and hard working. I am willing to put everything into my work as Head Girl this year and am excited to see what it brings next and to see how I can help the school.

Deputy Head Boy - Jamal Mammadov

Hello!  My name is Jamal Mammadov and I am the Deputy Head Boy.

I am 11 years old. I like all types of sports. My favourite ones are football and basketball. I enjoy working in a group and playing team sports.

I like to listen to the opinions and views of others. Three very important aspects play a big role in my life. They are: intellectual, social and spiritual.

I spend most of my time outside of school with my family. I am very appreciative of different religions, cultures and beliefs. I believe in the following slogan - Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

Deputy Head Girl - Caysha Scully

Hello! My name is Caysha Scully and I am proud to be the Deputy Head Girl at John Burns.

I like all subjects at school but have particular interests in art and modelling. I currently have four value badges and I’m hoping to get another one soon. I am so grateful to work with such an amazing prefect team as well as the school councillors. I am willing to make the school a better place for everyone and I want to make this last year memorable and feel that helping the school is the best way to show that.

Prefect - Adrianna Markham

Hi! I am Adrianna and I am a Prefect.

I am Adrianna and I like to read and draw but I also like swimming and horse riding. I am a kind and caring person and I also love to look after younger children. I believe I am a helpful person and eager to learn more and do more at John Burns. I am always happy to do my duties and help in the hall when needed.

Prefect - Maia Carosielli

Hello!  My name is Maia and I have been given a role of a Prefect.

I am very proud that I have been given this important role and a huge responsibility. I am 11 and determined to help students process their ideas to help make John Burns a better place. I have a strong interest in drawing, crafting, and editing digitally. I like technology and would like to find out as much as I can so I can be the best at what I do. I love animals, especially pandas and cats. I am very caring towards people and animals. My ambitions for when I am older, are to become a professional illustrator in a specific style of art, or to become a well known social media user. I would like to hold clubs that students may request, within reason. Helping people is important to me and I hope this is what I can do.

Prefect - Jordan Kodua-Smith

Hello, my name is Jordan.  I am very grateful that I am a Prefect here at John Burns.

I am happy to be a Prefect because I really want to be a positive role model for my siblings and younger children at John Burns and I want to show others our school values.

I like playing games such as hide and seek and lots more. I am a caring, kind member of Year 6. My favourite subjects are maths, science and art.

 Prefect - Harvey Tye

Hello! My name is Harvey and I feel very proud to be voted a Prefect.

I am really happy that I can represent John Burns in many ways especially taking part in many sporting tournaments.

I am here to voice any ideas or suggestions that you would like me to pass on. Please let me know if you have any problems at all. Do not hesitate to come and speak to me, I am here to help.