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GSO Test

GSO Test

Home Learning

Teaching Staff

Here are class and teacher arrangements for 2022-23:

KS2 Class Teachers 

Mr J Pell |Year 6 Class Teachers| Senior Leader/STEM Leader (Science and DT)

Mr J Bambridge | Year 5 Class Teacher | ECT

Miss H Ellard | Year 4 Class Teacher | ECT/Shadow History Leader

Mr B Walker| Year 3 Class Teacher | Geography Subject Leader

KS1 Class Teachers 

Mr J Ainsworth | Year 2 Class Teacher | PE Subject Leader

Mrs B Oakley Year 1 Class Teacher ECT  

EYFS Class Teachers 

Mr J Humphreys | Early Years Class Teacher RE Subject Leader    

Music Teacher:

Mrs S Greenhalf Music Teacher - Wandsworth Music     

Italian Teacher:

Federica Piedimonte Italian Teacher - Italian Consulate 

Sports Coaches/Teachers:

Miss E Santos Progressive Sports      

Trumpet Tutors:

Mr D Clarke Trumpet Tutor - Wandsworth Music    

Mr P Mitchell Trumpet Tutor - Wandsworth Music    

Peripatetic Music Tutors:

Mr B Wynter| Piano Tutor - Wandsworth Music    

Mr M Ridley Guitar Tutor - Wandsworth Music