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Y6 – Blackman Class

A big welcome to the Year 6 (Blackman Class) class page! 

Myself (Miss Williams), Ms. Swaby and Ms. Clifton are all very excited to have you back in school, and we have some very exciting topics planned for your final year at John Burns.

This year is very important as it is the last year of primary school and, as you will already be aware, it is also the SATs year. The children must understand that they are role models for the rest of the school, and in Year 6 we will prepare them for secondary school and their lives beyond. Year 6 is your child’s final year of school and all Year 6 team members want the students to embrace their learning whilst having fun! All Year 6 staff members expect all children to demonstrate the school values at all times and we expect nothing less as they are top of the school.

In the Autumn Term, will be focusing on our new topic called ‘XX’. We will be learning about WW2, but with a focus on the spies who were influential during key events. Krystyna Skarbek (our focus person) is a famous spy, who we will be learning more about, as well as looking at the importance of Bletchley Park (our focus place), and the impact of spies on the success of the D-Day landings. I hope you will all enjoy this topic as much as I do! The books ‘Carrie’s War’ and ‘Silver Sword’ (both set during war time) will give us our inspiration to create some beautiful pieces of writing in English.

Our Science focus during the Autumn Term will be on Light (Autumn 1) and Evolution and Inheritance (Autumn 2). Our timetable also includes Computing and PE on a Tuesday afternoon, and Art on a Friday afternoon where we will continue to develop our skills learnt from Year 5. Our DT project at the end of this term will develop the children’s skills in tailoring – they will have the opportunity to ‘make do and mend’ a piece of old clothing to give it a new purpose.  

I am very pleased to be continuing teaching you into Year 6 and very much look forward to the exciting year ahead. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always out in the playground after school. Thank you for all your help and support throughout this important year.

Miss Williams​