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Y6 – Blackman Class

Hello, and welcome to Year 6!

This academic year, Miss Shettle and Mr Taylor-Graham will be the class teachers. Mr Taylor-Edwards will be in class on a Monday; Miss Shettle will be in class for the rest of the week. 

Our class’ namesake is Malorie Blackman, who was born in Clapham! She has written many fantastic stories including Cloud Bursting, Hacker and Noughts and Crosses. We will be dipping into these this year and would love for children and parents to let us know the ones they enjoyed reading together at home too.

This year is very important as it is the last year of primary school and as you will already be aware, it is also the SATS year. The children must understand that they are role models for the rest of the school, and in Year 6 we will prepare them for secondary school and their lives beyond. Year 6 is your child’s final year of school and all Year 6 team members want the students to embrace their learning whilst having fun! All Year 6 staff members expect all children to demonstrate the school values at all times and we expect nothing less as they are top of the school.

This term will start with our brand-new curriculum topic “Battling Britain”. We will be delving deep into our three curriculum focus areas which are made up of the 3Ps: person, place and point. The 3Ps will enable your child to learn new things and spark curiosity in their minds. The three curriculum focus points for Year 6 include:

  • Person: Krystyna Skarbek (the life of a female WW2 spy)
  • Place: Bletchley Park (once the top-secret location of WW2 code breakers)
  • Point: 1939 (a key point in time for Britain, focusing on the Blitz)

If you have any expertise or resources that may enrich our children’s’ learning and bring the past to life, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Our timetable includes PE on Wednesday afternoon, where we will be working with Ms Buckley and SG Coaches to develop our PE skills. Furthermore, on Wednesdays we are lucky enough to have Mr Lewis teaching Year 6 Music, helping the children to read musical notation and develop their own music and much more! In addition, on Friday afternoons, Year 6 will be involved in a range of enrichment activities at Emmanuel School in Battersea.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are always out on the playground after school every day, or you can make an appointment with the school office to see us.

Thank you for all your help and support throughout this important year.

Miss Shettle and Mr Taylor-Graham